Re: Elvis Lives --> Rolling Stone Reviews The 50s Box (1992)

Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:04 am

jetblack wrote:Another fantastic release from Joan Deary:

Elvis: A Golden Celebration (50th anniversary box set)


Actually, it's a fantastic release from Gregg Geller.

Joan is given a production credit for the live 1956 Tupelo recordings, the 1959 and 1966 home demos from Germany and California only.

Geller is the Project A&R Director for the remainder of A Golden Celebration. It was his smart decision to omit Joan's notion of including a 1976 soundboard.

Geller was a more sophisticated fan than Deary. He did some excellent work while at RCA, not only for Elvis. He released the previously-unknown, 1963 Sam Cooke Harlem Square Club tape in 1985 to well-deserved critical reviews -- it was a revelation for Cooke fans and rock enthusiasts worldwide.

Geller's superb Presley reissues like Reconsider Baby (1985) "set the table" for the great achievements to follow by Ernst Jørgensen.