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HDMI Cable for True HD Cable TV? Need HELP!

Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:00 am

The install guys tore the place apart, and then left, saying "call your cable company; you must need a new box." Well, last time, in the danged bedroom, there was a little problem, and they switched HDMI cables (leaving me one short for Blu-Ray at the time). I still don't know if the 15 Gigakpbs one I have (I think that's what it's called) is sufficient, but it seems okay, upstairs. But the new set will not play the "HDMI Source." The picture coming from "Audio Video Source" sucks. I am ready to have a breakdown at this point! (Used to be, you bought a new TV in a half hour!)

Please help, my head is splitting! I don't want to have a stroke!

Paid 30 bucks a cable, and they have 10 Gigakbps, or whatever. So, the cable guy is coming on Sunday, and what HDMI cables should I have waiting for him? That's the question: which HDMI cables are appropriate for a BIGGER SMART TV SET! And more powerful. And enough to drive you insane.

Yes, I have a service contract, and warranty on the set! That doesn't seem to be the issue yet. These install guys just left this evening. I mean, they pushed the furniture around, and didn't put it back . . . man! Whatever, they left the set not working properly!

But, which HDMI cables? Someone must know! Because the picture is squished, and all wrong. It's not on the HDMI source, which is not picking up the signal. Watched an Amazon Instant Video, and that seemed okay. But the cable is not okay. When Counselor Troi looks fat, something is wrong!

Really, please help. HDMI problem. Which cables? What is a gigakbp?


rjm (Hope everything is cool by the time Love Me Tender ships! :!: )

Re: HDMI Cable for True HD Cable TV? Need HELP!

Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:17 pm

You can get a goldplated HDMI V1.4 from Ebay for a couple of US$ incl. postage.

Re: HDMI Cable for True HD Cable TV? Need HELP!

Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:17 am

Although the cable guy arrives tomorrow, I tested the blu-ray player, connected with one of the two identical cables.

It looked terrific. "Lincoln."

It is not apparently the cable.

So, what they call "the handshake" isn't working. I hope for best. I do not ever want to go back to (major electronics chain - NOT Best Buy; another one).

This has been most unpleasant. Hope that cable guy gets it right!

Thanks for the advice, once again.


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Re: HDMI Cable for True HD Cable TV? Need HELP!

Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:33 pm

which type of HDMI cables give more clear more HD out image from mobile to LED tvs ?