SONY CD RW33 tray belt replacement

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SONY CD RW33 tray belt replacement

Post by drghanem »

Has anyone replaced the traybelt on this CD recorder by SONY?

Any help is much appreciated to get this lovely device back into the swing of things. ::rocks

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Re: SONY CD RW33 tray belt replacement

Post by elvisalisellers »

I've replaced a few drive belts over the years, mainly on more vintage CD players.
I've googled your model and the inside of it doesn't look too dissimilar to the ones I've worked on.
First thing to do is to eject the draw to about an inch out.
It's hard to tell by the pictures available of your model, but your draw might be the type that requires a flat blade screwdriver to release the plastic tab which secures the CD tray in place. If there is a tab, gently manoeuvre it while pulling the CD tray straight out.
Then remove the 4 screws [?] holding the mechanism to the bottom of the unit, which will give you easier access to the belt [if you are careful you shouldn't have to remove any cables].
Depending on the access to the belt [normally at the front of the mechanism], you might also have to remove the spindle clamp magnet 'bridge' - usually held in place by a screw or two either side of it.
The drive belt should then be accessible, though some models sometimes have a small plate covering it [again, easy to remove].
If you need any further help, post a few pics and I'll try and guide you through it.