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Storm & Grace

Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:29 pm

Just wondering if you guys have "seriously" played this record?

I am meeting with LMFP next week, and I have been revisiting 2012's Storm & Grace. There's no Elvis in it, which I reckon is great, but as an EP fan, I liken it to the December 1973 Stax sessions. The more I play this record the more I am hooked.

My main record these past 12 months has been Never Mind The Bollocks, Kiss This, and Never Mind The Bollocks 35th Anniversary edition (ha ha, fcuking ironic), BUT, I am fcuking hooked on LMfP's Stom & Grace, and I am struggling to find a song I don't like. I am now beyond the EP and LMP connection, and this is one serious record. It took me about 5 listens to get hooked, but each time took me to a new level.

Go get this CD or at least YouTube it, but if you love music, and take EP out of the equation, you will seriously love it.

I have quite a few album related plus a few hard questions for LMP next week about rubber duckies (that I am prepared to be kicked out of the back stage area for), but I do envisage all going well and having a few drinks with her and the band too. wishful thinking, hey?!!

Re: Storm & Grace

Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:50 am

I got it when it came out. I downloaded the whole deluxe album with digital booklet.

I liked it very much.

I like unusual voices, so that's no problem. The kick I have is her pronunciation. She writes the lyrics, not the music, yet you need the liner notes to understand the words.

I know that in rock music, the words are often difficult to decipher, but she is often incomprehensible. Better this time, though.


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Re: Storm & Grace

Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:12 pm

She cannot sing period.

Re: Storm & Grace

Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:27 am

I especially like Weary and How Do You Fly This Plane.

Enjoy your meeting, but I wouldn't have my heart set on any sort of in-depth conversation. I got a hello, a thank you and a photo, and that was about it.

Re: Storm & Grace

Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:46 am

Guys, I tend to agree with all of your observations, but in relation to lack of singing ability, that applies to most tracks on the first two records, but something definitely changed for this third album, and she's proven to me she is better singing ballads rather "than the other kind".

I'll report back on the meeting - hopefully there wont be any Elvis nutters there to derail the meet 'n' greet.

Re: Storm & Grace

Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:03 am

Have fun, Jim, we can't wait to hear details of your meeting.

Re: Storm & Grace

Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:49 am

I never thought I'd ever give time to play Lisa Marie Presley, but I am hooked on this record. My last "hooked" records were Elvis at Stax, Bernard Fanning 'Departures', and Sex Pistols "' Never Mind The Bollocks" (which has been a 26 year fix for me, btw, Steve Jones played a couple of tracks on LMP's second record: I intend to ask her tomorrow what involvement she actually had). But at any rate, I can't find fault with Storm & Grace, and here's one of my favourite tracks: makes me want to rest my head on my shoulder (or any 1/2 decent woman who has a shoulder to lend!) and listen to the raindrops on my window sill!

I defy any cnut that 'says this track doesn't have a woman who can sing - now that got your attention!

Re: Storm & Grace

Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:14 pm

It was better than I was expecting, based on the two or three live clips I've seen previously. It's not much of a song though, is it?

Re: Storm & Grace

Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:58 am

Yeah, so, I had the pleasure of seeing LMP perform again after her 8 year absence from Australia and really enjoyed the gig. Fellow member YDKM came along with me.
After talking with her band, I found they were as surprised as me regarding the venues for the first few shows that their agent had booked them in to - the RSL circuit. With all due respect to our returned service men & women, RSLs generally cater to lower socio-economic people, retirees, and some really weird people. Essentially, its the blue-rinse brigade and unfortunately for LMP, many are original Elvis fans. Its these people who first learnt about the LMP show (thanks to their club membership) so its those people who bought up tickets to get their gawk at The Kings kid that would have otherwise have been sold to that demographic more suitable to LMP's style of music. This concerned me for weeks prior to the gig, and my fears came true in the showroom when there was not only a large proportion of fossils and Elvis hairdos, but also a tame and reserved audience in general. Despite having a skin full of beer, and for better of worse, I made up my mind to get a bit boisterous so I started leading the applause, yelling out words of encouragement to the band, and giving several standing ovations. I thionk several others had the same thoughts as me because they too began doing the same things. At the conclusion of the applause after Close To The Edge, I yelled Älrigggghhhttt"! and Lisa responded with a Älright, yeahhhh"! So the crowd was starting to get in to it, and then Lisa says that unless we let her know we want more, she was getting close to thee end of her set. Pretty soon, me and several others were at the front of the stage with Lisa about 2 feet away singing her lungs out, and before I knew it there must have been 150 people completely ringside. As the band left the stage, the crowd hammered, bashed and thumped the stage yelling We Want More (reminiscent of Elvis on Tour). It was a total turn around to how the concert started, and with huge grins, LMP and the band returned, cheered the crowd with glasses of tequila, and gave us three more songs.
Afterwards, there was the meet & greet, but it was so fast you could hardly get a word in, then a quick photo with LMP. Security was hugely tight. I spent the next 10 or 15 minutes speaking with Michael Woodward (her husband) about the album, the arrangements, the tour in general. He's a very nice bloke, softly spoken, and a fcuking great guitarist.
I had the opportunity to attend an album signing the following night at Redeye records which allowed me a few minutes to speak with Lisa. I was impressed she remember me from the night before, and not because I had made a total bleep bleep of myself I might add, and so too did her security guys. Well, maybe I was acting like some part of the human anatomy but who cares, I had fund, LMP was very friendly, down to earth, softly spoken and somewhat shy. The band guys were really friend, and so too was security. You can see images from the Redeye Records signing here If you can guess which one I am, well, good on you, but I am in there.
So, great night out. I played her album Storm & Grace about 30 times before I went so I knew it backwards. Happy to say I am a fan of hers totally independently of Elvis, but of course there is a cross-over in interest. I think I will catch another show before she leaves next week, either Hurstville or Tumbi Umbi (yes, you read that correctly).
If you like music, you can't help but like this album. If you just like Elvis, then you are probably not reading this anyway.

Re: Storm & Grace

Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:43 pm

Well although i saw the same show and with Jim Dandy.... i feel rather differently... it was my first ever show attendance and i went out of 'curiosity' rather than a fan of 'her music' Strange on an 'opening night' when you see Greg Page and Glen A.Baker looking far, FAR older than his 61 years in attendance.So obviously quite a few local 'famous' people in attendance. I pretty much did enjoy her show and especially liked 3 of her songs and very quickly recognised a good quality band and house sound and an especially good Bass Player (her husband) but tried as i did i just couldn't like it enough to want to repeat the experience or even listen to her fact she plays just a few km from me next Tuesday.... but i'm staying home.She has the same shaky leg as her father and when she said 'im sweating' the audience truly lapped it up. The audience was a older set and instead of say playing Enmore Theatre i couldn't understand why she would be playing the 'has been circuit' for inpersinators and the like- still cannot understand that.Maybe if your 65 yr old Dennis Locorriere(who plays Australia in April/May.... maybe? ) but Lisa ??? hmmm.
The meet & Greet was just literally a few seconds while an aid took your photo with her and you felt like a sheep being hearded through a pen.All i said was a few polite questions about living in England but it was ONLY a few seconds. Photos from her RED EYE records signing next evening show her looking pretty good, but next to her and close up she seemed extremely short, thin and caked in thick make-up :? :oops: Still i met her one, saw her once and it was 'ok' but as i have said leaves me pondering a few questions.... in many of the television interviews she comes across as 'hard' and 'in control' and she has already stated she looses money doing this tour.... so must just be for her personal satisfaction eh?? :smt006

Re: Storm & Grace

Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:00 pm

I saw her show last Oct in NJ. Some people were walking out. I cant say its a very 'up' show. I liked some of the songs on Storm & Grace, and its an improvement over her prior work, but really, if she wasnt Elvis' daughter would anyone be noticing & caring about her and her music? There are much better singers & opening acts that cant get signed to a label.

Re: Storm & Grace

Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:23 am

promiseland wrote:She cannot sing period.

Then I guess she will be fine as long as she doesn't sing along to any of this: