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Any interest in righting moral wrongs, or music history?

Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:55 pm

Well that got your attention. Here is what I am on about again some will scoff. Yet this time I am not trying to make money even slightly (I may but that is not the point) but make the industry and you aware one last time because I think this will be the last time I need to do this. It is about to correct itself, but only with your help. Give the post to anyone you know who just want musicians to feel good about themselves. Maybe just know they made you happy for a moment. Like clapping politely all tastes will have to do something to show they love music to help here.

Wow talk about injustice but it can end literally today with your help but I need your help. "Tell It All Brother-The Story Of The First Edition" will be my third book. One is out and I will talk about in a second. I feel it is only a matter of days before my second sells. I know my third will be what I go down in history for so to speak. It is my "Pet Sounds" if you will. I am not Brian Wilson but I relate to him being creative and not always feeling he could get it out and fit in. He told me he liked my voice and that was only one of the first crazy things to happen to me a young (then) writer.

If you haven't ever had the thrill of telling Brian how his music changed your life (or whoever your Brian is)maybe this is your chance to finally give back to the musicians. all musicians. I know of no greater wrong going on today.

I have in my field, "made it". I have become a music author that is #1 bestselling without any whiff of scandal. Hell my book is not even out yet so this is spooky. I just know how to tell a story and get it across. No big deal but I have tried for two decades to write this paragraph.

"Elvis Music FAQ" is selling great. Thanks because you are all part of it. Yet success means nothing to me if I cannot do good for people with my work

I need all you guys. I finally found a way to get my "cause" the First Edition out again to all of you who may actually dig them. "Calico" is a seminal LP and I am going to start there. Kenny Rogers is on their old label...sort of. Reprise was Warner Brothers as all Beach Boys fans know. Elvis fans, well he liked the group a lot.... find out why! All harmony lovers should hear them once for 30 min at least.

I can do anything, if this happens, for "I Can Hear Music" my Beach Boys project of 20 years in the making so please indulge me one last time. I can finally do what I think I was supposed to do and that is spread some very good music made by some sadly now unknown people to the masses.

Here is my last spiel for a while, respond to this simply if you are sick of me and want me busy! [

Get Warner Bros. Records to know who I am. You can see it on my Facebook and I want more friends from here anyhow and tell them to get in touch with me. This will be the First Editon's way back. Kenny is signed and the were Reprise the label of their first eight LPs and 16 45s. They will come out again, will you buy it? I will direct them here if so. Post and just say "I will buy Kenny Rogers, if you give me the First Edition", or post and say "Contact Mike Eder about Calico and selling The First Edition and your current work with Kenny Rogers." If you never posted before ever PLEASE HELP right a moral and musical wrong. I can do this now with you!

One quick bit of info. Kenny Rogers is suffering too so not trying to blame him. Can you imagine if the Beach Boys hits were put out under Mike Love's name? Just Mike Love! I like Love myself, been given a bum rap in a way at least as a writer and singer. Personally whatever...but he has been nice to me.

No "Pet Sounds", no "Today" you would not know these albums.

Mike's picture from 2012 is on the cover and "Sunflower
is in wrapper. No songwriting credits, no names on the label beyond Mike's, nothing!
The mastering sucks, the songs are uneven in level, it is a boot and a fraud and none of the others have the name or money to say anything. Mike is too busy with his country career to even notice, he should but doesn't.

Now let's be real.


They "Aint" the Beach Boys OK. I know that, they know that, but they were damn good.

Help out if you ever wanted to see somebody get paid that needs the money, if you ever got your work given credit to somebody else. Nobody knows Kenny wore an earring, was skinny, had brown hair, and was let in a great band after the seminal Kin Vassy passed on it for the time being.

Kin alone is THE great unsung white soul vocalist. I am not kidding! Listen to him and wonder why we don't visit his birth home. THAT GOOD, he died 19 years ago only knowing himself how much he had done really. Not anymore, if you want to change that.

Jimmy Hasssell who was a great performer and he replaced Kin, died homeless with his friends still not all knowing where he is. A good friend found out he died, yesterday. It was early 2004 and not one paper said a thing. HE WAS GOOD TOO and he did not know it.

Mike Settle is a songwriter with a voice as unique as any in the folk boom, Dylan included (who First Edition drummer back up in 1966 on the BIG tour).

Thelma Camacho Ivie, and Mary Arnold Miller, are still beauties and sing better than ever. Both major talents only known vaguely by most outside the biz. I group them together for a second but both were major individual talent, who sang as beautiful as they looked.

Kenny is best at harmony singing ala Four Freshman (or was in his prime). Nobody knows.

Terry Williams may be a rare true brilliant artist in music, one of the very few. Teen idol be damned, he was the creative soul of the band. Beach Boys again but check out his Pet Sounds medley from 1971, YES A MAJOR GROUP IN THE USA IN 1971 WAS DOING PET SOUNDS ALBUM CUTS ON TV.

How he figured out some of those harmonies Brian invented and turned them into his own and the groups, He doesn;t know either. He has a clue though. Larry Cansler not a member of the group but he helped arrange all the music they did on their rock and roll and groundbreaking TV variety series, "Rollin'". Co-wrote "Calico" with Michael Martin Murphy.

Gene Lorenzo might be a genious too, the funny if retiring keyboard player is brilliant without thinking. He kept the group going years after the records stopped hitting. Terry Williams thinks so.

It was the First Edition doing all this great music you never heard. No one genre to focus on just good modern music of 1967-76.

Never even mind Kenny's family in music who included Leland Rogers (who broke important racial barriers in Texas music. Dann Rogers is a great singer, songwriter, and Lelan's son who grew up with Kenny, Terry, Kin, and even guys like Ike Turner as mentors. Not in a crazy way but on guitar and in songwriting.

His three albums are killer, he is now just starting to get headway. Go to and buy his book "Life Laughter Love Rage" as along with Mickey Jones he is the only one to write about his life with the group and after. Both books ("That Would Be Me" is Mickey's) are probably more different than anything, but you meet them both and will like them. Hey they see major people differently in their oddly joined lives, but man they would hug each other tight if they got to see each other again

Did I mention this is a family and not a band as a whole. A real family who love each other. Kenny is the Prodigal Son that should come home more, but love is there for him too, he knows and feels it for them too. They all will admit that each of them has a good heart basically even if Kenny was the only one who wanted or wants to be a superstar.

Maybe it is Dann Rogers who alone knows what it is like to be in the First Edition and have to fight Kenny's long shadow. Totally different artist then all of them although Kin made his mark vocally on a few cuts in influence This is amazing he could even go there, but he is an original sound too and Kenny has never said different, not about any of these guys or girls in his official or unofficial family

Help out today because it is the right thing to do. I need a rest, this has been a crazy week. I hope I can call myself a creative person without being at all dishonest. You get inspired and figure out a riddle and ride it. I just did right now. 5 years I have been trying to find a way to use my talent to help and until now I wasn't sure how to.

Marketing ala Ken Kragen is how. He managed them, Kenny later, Lionel Ritchie, Smothers Brothers. All who are in this book love him. No manager has made more money (if I may be crass) and been more original, artistic, and kind as a human being. It is unheard of to have all these qualities. I don't want to do "We Are The World" over, even if it was possible. Kragen and the especially overlooked Terry Williams, are the unsung heroes of that session. OK that is another story and maybe one day another book though it will be in mine too. "Hand Across America" (his 1985 was very good) was also Ken's. You may not know this but he is a guiding light for a lot of young artists and not all that young people like me. Talk to him a minute if you get a chance, you will get it.

Can't all of this talent get one label to reissue their catalog. Can't the rock hall even put them up for consideration?

Let's change music history, change it to be correct. I will have an article on the group I will be selling to any major music magazine that bites. Contact me if interested by the way I have no idea where. It will be long, detailed, and have more info than I can think to even put in this monolog. Just one time see if you like them by putting '"First Edition" I Found A Reason in youtube. Mike Settle's song will pop up and you will see them on a local 1967 debut TV show. The first 45 to chart lower than it should have, and their first period, it is amazing in and of itself. Try 30 min and if you don't like it do not help. I think most of you will at least see they deserve their place.

Let's right a wrong today!

Re: Any interest in righting moral wrongs, or music history?

Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:03 pm

Am listening now Mike.always liked Ruben James and somethings burning with Kenny Rogers

Re: Any interest in righting moral wrongs, or music history?

Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:33 am

Thanks, any help their way is always welcome.