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Bobby Darin: Earthy

Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:11 pm

I've recently picked this album up again on CD after selling it some time back with most of my collection. It's the last Darin CD I've bought back due to the high price of it - it was released only for a few months back in 2002. It's a strange album, with Darin singing folk songs from around the world from gospel songs (a version of Swing Down Sweet Chariot is included) to works song to Haitian laments. It's a far cry from his swing material, and the album relies heavily on percussion (ironically it's follow up, Golden Folk Hits, had virtually no percussion!). It's not for all tastes and there is a sense here of self-indulgence - despite criticisms that Darin was simply hopping onto the then-popular folk train, it's quite clear to anyone who has heard this record that it is a far cry from the sweet, gentle harmonies of Peter Paul and Mary and the like.

The album ends with a shanty-type number called The Er-i-ee was Rising. It's Darin at his most ludicrous in many respects. There are elements of comedy which don't really work, but what shines through the number is Darin's pure musicality. The first minute and half flows along relatively normally, but from about 1.35 onwards, Darin plays with rhythms in the most remarkable way that is only really heard completely through headphones where his interplay with the band is most noticeable.

Re: Bobby Darin: Earthy

Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:59 pm

Earthy is one of my favorit albums!

Re: Bobby Darin: Earthy

Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:58 pm

I was thinking that it comes out of copyright at the end of this year in Europe, but of course it was released in 1963 so we'll have to wait another year for a new cd release - or twenty years depending on when the new rules come into place.

Re: Bobby Darin: Earthy

Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:21 am

It's a terrific album and I much it prefer to Darin's more proper/modern folk oriented albums later on. I love his broad definition of "folk" which includes blues and gospel. The LP contains tender singing. Anyone who doubts his sincerity in regard to folk music should check this out.

The followup is good but more standard.

In the US the twofer CD was available at least into 2004. I bought it right around when 2003 turned into 2004 at my rare record shop.

It might come in PD next year. I have lots of PD outtakes that were recorded back when but not released until just a few years back.

Re: Bobby Darin: Earthy

Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:59 pm

It's nice to see this album getting the credit it deserves. Darin is often criticised for jumping on the bandwagon of the folk artists in the early 60s, but he actually recorded that was perhaps inspired by them and yet far different from what any of them were really recording.