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Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:40 pm

In reference to the above comment. I totally agree. I just watched the Hard Rock concert on YouTube and I agree with your friend..... Jon can still sing but he lost that raw power. Imo, that's why the albums have suffered. He/ they are writing songs around Jons voice in different keys which is causing those songs to lack passion.

In Jons defense, he's now in his 50s and it's like everything else in life. You abuse the sh*t out of something it will definitely catch up with you later in life. We are hearing the effects of a voice that was getting steroid shots in his vocals so he could sing every night.

Good news is, his voice isn't horrible like others in his camp and technology allows him to prevail. They do put on one hell of a live show. His struggles are less noticeable in a stadium vs. an intimate club show or watching it on YouTube.

As a diehard fan, it's tough looking back to what it once was. But hey, that's life. I'm looking forward to another box set to celebrate 30 years and hopefully we'll get some 80s / 90s recordings like we did on the last!


Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:56 pm

This thread led me to youtube so, out of morbid curiousity, I watched a few Bon Jovi clips throughout the years.

Kool experience, remembered the "Glory Days" of certain times in my life and Bon Jovi was certainly a mainstream radio fav back then. That is, until Nirvana showed up.

Anyway, my friend just texted me some pros and cons about the concert he saw last week.

He told me that Jon is still an amazing performer, had everyone hopping and jumping out of their seats, really cool, but his voice was touch and go. He said some songs came off really good vocally, but sour on others.

He did alot of oldies, he said, cover songs, ie. "Pretty Woman", "Shout", "Old Time of Rock 'n Roll" and such. Only 4 original Bon Jovi songs. That was the real bummer, he said.

I was also just told that the show was some sort of charity, or benefit of some sort, but no mention of this at, or prior to the show.

I realize Jon is up in 50's now, looking good, working out, but those steroid shots he was recieving as far back as the "New Jersey" tour probably did more damage than good.

I saw them in '95 on the "These Days" tour in Raliegh, N.C., IIRC, and they were real sharp to my recollection, real tight and Jon sounded great.

Whether it was due to pre-recorded tapes or back up, I don't know, I doubt it back 15 years ago, but from what I've seen on youtube thus far, more than likely.

With that said, musically, they were an ok band, nothing earthshattering, but they put on a good show, entertainment, and sometimes that's more than enough for a good night out.

I'd rather see them than a whole bunch a stuff that I hear that's currently on my friends and their freinds ipod any day of the week. maybe I'm "Just Older". LOL