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Paul Anka - Live in Warsaw - 2011.11.16

Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:57 am

So, yesterday we went to see Paul Anka live.

He has quite a story regarding Poland and Warsaw, so here it is in a little shortcut.

Last time he came here it was in 1963. He came on the very same stage he performed yesterday. He supposed to give 9 concerts last one was November 22, 1963 (yes.... the very day). But he never sang a note cause he just found out few minutes ago about JFK assassination.
He apologized the audience, promised to come back and do a proper show and left.

Here's a clip of that!!!

Well it took him 48 years but he kept his promise and what a show that was!!!

He did all his greatest hits, and most of other greatest hits ever recorded :)))
The show was almost 3hrs, cause he said he have to keep his promise from 1963.

He said it's a closing night of the tour and everybody can film or make pictures or whatever.
"I know thay told you not to bring you cameras but this is a losing night and if you have them, use them".

Heres a little clip that I made after that:

What a amazing man it is. He started almost every song with a little story behind it and... most of them stareded with "well this next song I wrote for:
-Barbra Straisend
-Buddy Holly (last song he ever recorded)
-Tom Jones
-Frank Sinatra
-Sammy Davis Jr (a virtual duet with Sammy singing from big screes - superb)"
-Eric Clapton

And I said some time in the middle of the show "sh*t say you wrote next for Jackson and I can die".

And he is going:
"The next song I wrote sometime in 1980 with a very talented man and you all know it from a CD or DVD that was released couple of years ago just few months after he passed away. This next song is 'This Is It' and the artis is Michael Jackson".

Come on man......


Then there was a acoustic part with long medley of Buddy Holly / Everly Brothers / Jerry Lee and some others (have to check my recording). With Paul playing acoustic guitar! Great stuff.

Just few minutes before the show two big guys bring this big black speaker and put it in the middle of the audience. I was wandering what the hell is this.....
You won;t believe it but Paul used it as a little stage in the middle of the crowd for few songs live "She'a A Lady".
Then he came back on stage sat at the piano and said something like:
"Thank you darling for a dance, but please let me lead next time, and that you for touching my ass so gently.....sir :)))"

He did a lots of covers including (those I remember):
Jump (Van Halen), Smells Like A Teen Spirit (yess), House Is Rocking (!!!), Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On, Oh Lonesome Me, Bye Bye Love, Twist And Sout, Proud Mary, Tears In Heaven, New York New York....

Then he said his daughter will marry guy from Warsaw soon, and that his wife has polish blood, so his son is polish in half too. Cool.

On one song there was big screen and they played old footage and showed pictures of him with other stars.
And there was a picture of him with Elvis, looking at Elvis it was sometime in 1970-72 (sorry it was on for few seconds only).

He did 6 encores, people just didn't want him to go. 6!!!!

Great night.

The show was in beautiful Sala Kongresowa with you can see on the clip that I made especially for you :)

It looked the same in 1963 :)

My next concert stop is Brno, Czech Republic next week and it will be Tom Jones show.
See you there.

Re: Paul Anka - Live in Warsaw - 2011.11.16

Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:21 pm

Pretty much the same show I saw this summer with Anka (see thread), but with an interesting
twist, which you've noted.

What a great performer ... known as an extreme perfectionist, it sure pays off when you see
him live. It may be a well practiced act, but it comes off very natural and smooth in person.

I intend to see Anka again sometime ... along with Sedaka, he's one of the few real stars left from
the old days, yet he brings so much more than mere nostalgia to the stage.

Thanks for posting, glad you enjoyed your evening.

Re: Paul Anka - Live in Warsaw - 2011.11.16

Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:08 am

I saw your post about it Ted.
I couldn't wait to see the show myslef.
It was great.