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Dion News

Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:25 am

I just read that Dion- "the King of the New York Streets"- is planning a very interesting 2012. He plans on releasing his third straight acoustic blues album. The previous ones featured basically just Dion and his guitar. This one is going to be trio type thing, guitar, bass, drums I think.

Also in the works is a Broadway play based on Dion's experiences. It's kind of Jersey Boys type thing that will cover Dion's rise from working class street tough to superstar and junkie to his redemption through religion. The show will feature new renditions of many Dion's signature tunes.

I guess this means that Dion has given up on trying to find backing for Chaz Palmientieri's proposed film based on his life. The actor/director has been trying to find financing for a decade. Dion composed a potential soundtrack for the film in the classic '50s style in 2000. It featured some of his best work including a spellbinding version of Bruce Springsteen's "Book of Dreams." It also featured a great new doo wop tune "Shu-Bop" that was kind of back door hit on oldies stations around the country.

I hope before Dion retires (if he ever does) that he will revisit the doo wop well one last time. Whenever he does, he's one of the best.