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Moonlight Mile

Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:52 pm After listening again to my well worn cd of Sticky Fingers on my new sound system in my new F-150, I just cant get enough of this song. It won't leave my head. Its awesome. Ive always liked this song but it hit me big time. Im sorry but I have to say it... The Stones are superior to the Beatles when it comes to the music. It may not even be close. Sure, Lennon and McCartney may have been more prolific but you distill each band's greatest songs and compare them side by side, the Stones are clearly the winner. i love the Beatles to pieces but Ive always said they were a bit too cute and self-indulgent for their own good.. and they didnt even come close to doing anything like Moonlight Mile which was done only a yr after the lads left Abbey Road.