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Note: Before any posting relating to Elvis Trading or selling is done in this Forum & FECC as whole. ALL ELVIS product must be Legal merchandise. If we become aware, the material you are selling or trading is Illegal for all to see. Your thread, post and Account will be removed by FECC immediately ! What you do in private between members is of course, No concern of ours.

Got some 78's + stuff from Grans attick

Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:45 pm

Anyone wanna trade or swap? or she tells me she is prepared to let the whole lot go for a small price as she needed the space.

1. ONLY YOU (And you alone)/Until the real thing comes along
The Hilltoppers & Orch accomp,

2. Suddenly theres a Valley/Nightwatch
Jo Stafford with Paul Weston & his orch,

3. The Marching Strings/The Waltzing Cat
Ray Martin & his concert orch.

4. The Swinging Shepherd Blues/Midnight Sun
Ella Fitzgerald & her shephersds/Frank DeVol & his orch.

5. Cakewalking babies back home/1919 March
Humphrey Lyttleton & his band

Ain't Misbehaving
Freddy Randall & his band

7. Four or Five Times/I Wish I could Shimmy like my sister Kate
The Dutch Swing College Band

8. See See Rider Blues/I Love Paris
Huymprhey Lyttleon & his band

9. Watching the World go by;The Lady with the big Umbrella
Dean Martin

10. Love & Marriage/Sycamore Tree
Alma Cogan with Orch by Frank Cordell

11. I ain't got Nobody/Basing Street Blues
Fats Waller

12. Bouncing at the Beacon/Chasin' with chase
Lionel Hampton & his Sextet

Experiments with Mice/Applecake
Johnny Dankworth & his orch.

C'Est Filon/Ce Mossieu Qui Parle
Humphrey Lyttleton & his band

P.T.Q Rag/Heat wave
Humphrey Lyttleton & his band

Mainly Traditional/oh! Dad
Humphrey Lytttleton wiht Melody Maker Allstars

Muskat Rumble/Mamzell Josephine (Sung in French)
The Lyttleton Paseo Band (Vocalist George Brown)

18. Gunsmoke/The Wayward Wind
Tex Rutter with orch by Harry Geller

19. Sixteen Tons/You don't have to be baby to cry
Tennessee Ernie Ford

Dixieland Party no 2 Part 1/Dixieland Party no 2 Part 2
Joe Danies Jazz Group

21. I'm going away to wear you off my hand/Mandy Lee Blues
King Olivers Creole Jazz band

22. Forty & Tight/Piggly Wiggly
Beale Street Washboard band

23. Aint it a shame/School day
The Bob Cort Skiffle

24. You don't owe me a thing/Look Homeward Angel
Johnnie Ray with Ray Conniff

25. The Heart of a Child/My Special Angel
Malcolm Vaughan Chorus & Rhythm Accom, Frank Cordell

26. Love Letters in the Sand/Bernadine
Pat Boone

27. Wanderin Eyes/Man on Fire
Franike Vaughan with Willy Stott & Orch

28. If Dreams come True/Thats how Much I Love You
Pat Boone

29. Tiger Rag/Eh La-Bas
Kid Ory & his Creole Jazz Band

Happy Boogie/Mama don't allow it
Joe Daniels Jazz Group

When the Saints go Marching In/Spanish Shawl
Joe Daniels & his big Dixie Band

Close your Eyes/Bad Penny Blues
Humphrey Lyttleton & his Band

33. Careless Love Blues/Doctor Jazz
Dutch Swing College Band with Neva Raphaello

34. Shine on Harvest Moon/Love is a many Splendoured Thing
Four Acres

35. EveryDay Part 1/Everyday (Conclusion)
Count Basie & orch

36. St James Infirmary/Roll Jordan Roll
Cling Hayes & Lu Walters & his Jazz Band

37. High Society/Stealin the Blues
Orch of the Dutch Swing College

38. Oh didn't he Rumble Fox-trot/Winwa' Blues
Jelly Roll Mortons New Orleans Jazzmen

39. St Phillip St Breakdown/Wild Cat Blues
Monty Sunshine Trio

40. I Can't Sleep/The Grey Goose
Keny Coyles Skiffle Group

41. If I Ever Cease to Love/The Entertainer
Ken Colyers Jazzmen

42. Hard Nelson/Varsity Drag
Gerry Mulligan Quartet

43. Baby Brown/Petite Fleur
The Wally Fawkes- Sindy Brown Quartet

44. The Holy City/O My Beloved Daddy
Eddie Calvert

45. Blues my Naughty Sweetie gives to me/Some of these Days
Eric Silk & his Southern Jazz Band

46. Tina Marie/Home for the Holidays
Perry Como

47. Moby Dick/A Capital Ship
Frankie Laine

48. Creeping Tom/Lovers in the Dark
Ken Mackintosh & his orch.

49. Great Pretender/Hand in Hand
Jimmy Parkinson

50. Under the Bridges of Paris/Lovin' Spree
Sung by Eartha Kitt & Henrei Rene's Orch

51. Happy Whistler/Your free to go
Dan Robertson

52. Part au Price/The Carousel Walk
Ray Martin & his Concert orch

53. I Thought I Heard Buddy Bodlen say/High Society Fox-trot
Jelly Roll Martins New Orleans Jazzmen

54. Deck of Cards/Pray for the lights to go out
Phill Harris & his Band

November Blues/Hindustan
Freddy Randall & his Band

56. Doing my Time/Where Could I go?
Chris Barbers Skiffle Group

57. Man with the Golden Arm/In a Persian Market
Sammy Davis

58. Echoing the Blues/Love/love/love
Humprhey Lyttleton & band

59. When the Saints go Marching in Part II/When the Saints go Marching in Part I
Dutch Swing College Band

60. Adestre Fideles/Silent Night Holy Night
Bing Crosby

61. Cool Waters/Bubbles
Frankie Laine

62. Rain Rain Rain/Your heart - My Heart
Frankie Laine

63. Humingbird/My Little one
Frankie Laine

64. Bugle call Rag/Memories of you Fox-trot
Sid Philips & his Band

65. The Lords Prayer/Guardian Angels
Mario Lanza

66. Strange Lady in Town/The Tarner song
Frankie Laine & Mitch Miller & Orch

High Society/A Closer walk with Thee
Bunk Johnson & his New Orleons Band

68. I never knew just what a girl could do/Storyville
Chris Barber Jazz band

69. Swanee/Honeysuckle Rose
Bing Crosby & The Buddy Cole Trio

70. The Darktown Strakers Bull/Somebody Stole my Gal
Fred Elizailde & his Hot Music

71. Daybreak/Unchained Melody
Al Hibbler & orch from UNCHAINED

72. Thirteen Women/Rock around the clock
Bill Haley & his comets

73. When you lose the one you love/Angelas
David Whitefield with Mantavani & his Orch

74. By the Sleepy Lagoon/Little white lies
The Gene Krupa Quartet

75. Cloudburst/Malagaena
Ted Heath & his Music

'Till we meet again/Blue turning grey over you
The Saints Jazz Band

77. Hard Hearted Hannah foxtrot/Pete Kellys' Blues - Blues
Sid Philips & his Band

78. Remember your mine/Theres a Gold mine in the sky
Pat Boone

79. When the Swallows come back to Capistrano/April Love
Pat Boone

80. China Doll/Indian Love Call
Slim Whitman

81. Long before I knew you/Just in time
Dickie Valentine with the Roland Shaw Orch

82. Gipsy Day/Cant you live'em
Chris Barber'skiffle Group

83. Restless Heart/Song of the old water wheel
Slim Whitman

84. Everyday/Peggy Sue
Buddy Holly

85. Weary Blues/Thriller Rag/Molenberg joys
The Storyville Jazzmen

86. The Tender Trap/Weep they will
Frank Sintra

Doctor Jazz Stomp/Jelly RollBlues
Jelly Roll Martins Red Hot Peppers

Shes Crying for Me/The Lady in Red
Humphrey Lyttleton & his Band

89. The Saints Rock & Roll.R.O.C.K
Bill Haley & Comets

90. P.D.Q. Blues/Cushion Foot Stomp
Clarence Williams Washboard Band

91. SWING MUSIC 1947 NO 708
One Sweet Letter from you/Sister Kate


1. Take is hammer/Downby the riverside/go dowen old Hannah/Streamline Train
Ken Coyles Skiffle Band

2. Sent for you yesterday/Pale blues/When your Smiling/The Pilot fish & the Whale
Willy Fawkes & His Trogrolodytes

3. Blues of Israel/Three little words/Jazz me blues/The last round up
Gene Krupa & his Chicagoans

4. Sweet georgia brown/Dixie flyer/Alambamba Jubilee/South
Mugsy Spanier & his Dixieland Band

5. Taking it Easy Vol 1
Fishmouth/Summertime/My Monday date
The Fawkes - turner sextet

6. Chris Barbers Jazz band at the Royal Festival Hall no 2
Storyville/Its tight like that/icecream/oh didn't he ramble

7. Lost dreams & lonely tears/Comes another day another love
Dickie Valetine

8. Return to me/Forgetting you
Dean Martin

9. Music for Strings/I dont know why
Edan Kane

10. No Matter what you are/Smoke gets in yr eyes
The Platters

11. Starring Sammy Davis vol 1
Birth of Blues/Lonesome road/Because of you

12. Wishng star/Rosea are red (my love)
Ronnie Carroll

13. I'd do anything/Where is love?
Mike Preston

14. You'll never walk alone/Its all right
Gerry & the Pacemakers

15. Waltzing Matilda/Confessin'(that i love you)
Frank Ifield

16. Percy Faith Themes
The Virginian/Theme from a Summer Place/Never on a Sunday/Samba de orfey/ Samba from black orpheus

17. Real gone kid
Deacon Blue

18. Time Love/I will loe you
Richard Chamberlain

19. Sixteen reasons/Goodnight god love you
Sheila Buxton

20 Eye level/Distant hills
Simon Park Orch

21. Amazing grace/Cornet Carillion
Mil. band of Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

22. Ivor Novello Medley
Various songs charlie kunz

23. Jazz played by Jazz Bands vol 22
Eric Silk & his Southern Jazz Band recorded 124th June 1956 various songs

24. And back to New Orleons
Ken Colyers Jazzmen

25. The Dutch Swing College Band & Neva Raphaello
All recorded - Hilversum 28/2/55
When the Saints go marching in/Alexander Ragtime/Dippermouth Blues

26. Stranger on the shore/Take my lips
Mr Acker Bilk

27. The Lady in Red/Say goodbye to it all
Chris de Burgh

28. Santiano/michael
The Highway Men

29. The Golden Gate Quartet sings great spirituals
Joshua fit de battle of Jericho/Nobody knows the trouble i've seen/Go down Moses/Swing down chariot

30. Ode to Swing Double record
Ode to Swing part 1 various songs
Benny Gordman & his Sextet

31. Adios amigo/A letter to my Heart
Jim Reeves

32. A women needs love/Edelweiss
Vince Hill

33. Lonely boy & pretty girl/and the leaves cried
Anthony Newley

34. A certain smile/Let it rain
Johnny Mathis with Ray Ellis & Orch

35. Arrivederic Roma/On the street where you live
Vic Damone & Percy Faith Orch


1. Jazz at Oberlin
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

2. Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter Song Book vol II

3. Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter Song Book vol I

4. Jazz, Red Hot & Cool
The Dave Brubeck Quartet, feat: Paul Desmond

5. Echoes of Harlem
Chris Barbers Jazzband & Ottilie Patterson

6. Jazz at the Philharmonic - Carnegie Hall concert 1952
Norman Granz

7. The Dave Brubeck Quartet in Europe

8. Jazz Impressions of Eurasia
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

9. Swanee River Jazz
Preacher Rollo & the Saints

10. Sing more songs of the Snowy mountains
The Settlers
(The biggest trout in Ecumbene)

11. Sing more songs of the Snowy mountains
The Settlers
(a musidram in one ait)

12. The Velvet Touch
Mike Smith & the Blue Velvet Orch

13. Country Giants vol 2

14. With Loving Feeling
Tony Christie

15. The world of Dickie Valentine

16. Jazz Studio 1
Tenderley/lets split

17. 10th Annisversay of Tom Jones

18. Forever & ever
Demis Rousoss

19. Newport 1958
The Dave Brubeck Quartet, recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival Thurs 3rd jul

20. The Dave Brubeck Quartet vol 2 (Vogue Microgaine)

21. Paul Barbain & his New Orleons Band recorded in the Crescent city.

22. Harry James, All Time favourites

23. A Jazz Concert
Humphrey Lyttleton & Band

24. Lu Watters & His Yerba Bueana Jazz band

25. Kid Ory - Great New Orleans Trombonist

26. Benny Carter & His Orch all recorded 1943
Looking for a Boy

27. Ted Heaths 100th London Palladium Sunday Concert vol 3 14 feb 1954
How high the moon

28. Little Drummer Boy/christmas festival
Pipes & Drums & Mil. band of Royal Scots Dragoon

29. One more Sunrise/You touch my hand
Dickie Valentine

30. Lars Gullin Sextet
After 8pm/Mean to me recorded Stockholm April 26,1956

31. Chris Barber Jazz Parade vol 1 various songs

32. Dutch Swing College Band
Feat: Sidney Bechet
King Porter Stomp & various songs

33. Dutch Swing College Band
recorded Sept 1955 at Kirhams Scheveningen
Shortwave Shuffle and various songs

34. Humps Blues various records
Humphrey Lyttelton & Band

35. Stephanie& Django
Stephanie Grappelly & his Hot Four
Ultrafox/i've had my moments, various songs

36. Lionel Hampton Big band
Flying Home/Midnight sun & various songs

37. Dixieland Favourites
Preacher Rello & the Five Saints
Original Dixieland one-step, various songs

38. Johnny Duncan & his Blue Grass Boys
Freight train blues, various songs

39. Whiskey Bottle Slickers
Jazz me Blues/Muskrat Rumble, various songs

40. Hacke Bjorksten
Gromek/Woodpeckers groove

41. Swing College at home
Dutch Swing College Band

42. 20 all time greats of the 50's

43. Gone with the Wind
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

44. 20 Everlasting memories of the 50's

45. Last Waltz
Englebert Humperdick

46. Sounds of Music
Percy Faith

47. Very best of Barry Manilow

48. Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow

49. Dear Perry
Perry Como Show

50. Memories are made of hits
Perry Como

51. Sound of Music soundtrack

52. Manuel & the Voice of the Mountains
Mountain Fiesta

53. Manuel & the Voice of the Mountains

54. Love Andy
Andy Williams

55. Gems of Jazz no 1
Dutch Swing College Band

56. Gems of Jazz no 2
Dutch Swing College Band

57. Chris Barber plays vol 2

58. Avon Cities Jazz Band

59. Souvenirs of Django Reinhardt vol 2

60. The One and Only Glen Miller Band
Glen Miller Story

61. Jazz at the Royal Festival Hall
Humphrey Lyttleton and Band

62. Chris Barber plays vol 4

63. Jazz sessions with Humph
Humphrey Lyttleton Band

64. Souvenirs of Django Reinhardt vol 3

65. Jazz at Pacific College
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

66. Harry James in Hi fi

67. Dancing Time for Dancers no 6
Joe Loss & his Orch

68. Mr Rhythm
Frankie Laine & Paul Weston

69. Sound of Brass
Toreo Band

70. Dave Brichets greatest hits

71. Howard Ramsays Lighthouse All Stars vol 6

72. Paul Barbarin & His New Orleons Jazz

73. In the Beginning
Nat King Cole Trio

74. Signs of Life/Penguin Cafe Orchestra

75. Happy to be
Demis Roussos

76. Pretty Baby
Dean Martin

77. The World of the Bachelors

78. Elvis Love Songs

79. 20 Instrumental Hits - Instrumental Gold

80. Non Stop Dancing 13
James Last

81. Hammond agogo3
James Last

82. Great Dickie Valentine at the Talk of the Town

83. Golden Records
Jim Reeves

84. Time Out
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

85. Latin with Love
Geoff Love Orch

86. 16 Best love Classical Melodies
James Last

87. Gerry Mulligan Quartet

88. Hump at the Conway
Humphrey Lyttleton & Band

89. Jass Impressions of the USA
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

90. Bernstein Plays Brubeck/Plays Berstein

91. Jazz goes to Junior College
The Dave Brubeck Quartet