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Minnesota Moment...another wrong date

Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:16 pm

Oh, well...Hawaiian Wedding Song is NOT as stated Sioux Fall October 18, 1976 it is also Anaheim November 30, 1976.."this is the moment..Oh Lord ..of sweet Aloha"...and after the song.. "just married...thank you very much"..identify this song as also being from Anaheim. So all three sequent tracks H.Wedd.Song, Blue Xmas and That`s all Right are from Anaheim...Nov. 30, 1976. This makes sense since all songs were sung in exactly this order..

Many thanks to Rusty Cage for this find..I want to point out that all these things about wrong dates on this FTD release were found out by true fans..who e-mailed me....much appreciated..