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New show online at Cisco`s Corner

Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:02 pm

Another request was this one:

Vegas 8/25/72, DS

A decent show but Elvis isn`t very talkative. No wonder, it`s a dinner show...lol..
Instead he focuses more on the music and delivers strong performances throughout the concert..sound could be a bit better.
The show wasn`t recorded in its entirety..there`s a cut after Walk That Lonesome Road, then we have American Trilogy.
There is also a complete version of this show being a pachwork of 3 different sources...but the inserted parts donĀ“t sound good at all..therefore I put the best sounding but incompete source online...and..I am no friend of these doctored AR`s..for various reasons..
The missing parts are S.Minds, Intros, My Way, Big Hunk Of Love.
RT with one incomplete. source: 52:15
RT of patchwork: 65:49