In this section you can submit questions to people that knew Elvis, or to other important people in the Elvis World.

Guidelines for The Jungle Room

Mon May 18, 2009 9:03 pm

We are very lucky to have people like Sandi Miller participating here at FECC.

After the huge success of the Sandi Miller sticky topic, it has been suggested that a whole new section should be created just for those that knew Elvis, or other important people in the "Elvis World" to answer questions.

As more VIP's begin to participate -- We suggest the following "Tagging" system to keep things easy for all those involved, and to make it so your questions can be found easily as well.

If your question is one that is directed towards Sandi, for example - You should format your Subject as Follows:

Sandi: (then your subject)

Having their name before the subject title will make it easier for the respondent to locate the questions. As well as it being more organized in general.

Hope everyone enjoys this new section! Have fun!