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Re: Import DVD Reviews?

Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:21 pm

I've asked the same some time ago, but didn't get an answer. Apparently, there is no such site.

Or is there?

Re: Import DVD Reviews?

Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:01 pm

tcb1 wrote:Maybe someone should start a DVD review site, as there is plenty out DVD & DVD-R,
A nice job if you have the time...

For Elvis bootleg dvds, something like the "Index" section of this site would be be just....f**kin' FANTASTIC:

I have ordered quite a few from Dee Kelly ( or ) and Miller ( ), but it is very hard to know what you are getting! The latter site (Miller) and Kelly's vendio store does contain descriptions, but versions are not compared. Nor do they offer any info regarding the TECHNICAL video/audio quality of the titles. At Kelly's geocities site, LOTS more stuff is listed and available via e-mail, but with no descriptions at all.
So, basically, unless one finds info here or at other forums, one have to buy according to the item descriptions and former knowledge, - and hope the best.

Some examples of the need for an INDEPENDENT SOURCE for information:
Like, "Rockin' Huntsville" is listed, despite evidence at this very site that it is NOT from H.! I brought that to their attention.
Like, "Elvis on tour - the complete works" (in 2 editions); what's that one all about?
Like, I once played "The REAL Final Performance" and the supposed Indy footage on "The Final Days" on two dvd players at the same time, and the footage was NOT identical. As far as I recall, I found the latter to more likely consist of Indy-only-footage (except It's Now or never, it is stated that one was not filmed).

It would be a VERY time consuming job, I think, unless there is a person or more that know the stuff so well it would not take half a lifetime of research!

Re: Import DVD Reviews?

Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:36 am

Thaks Kajsa. I was about to buy from them... I'll pass this time.