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You Don’t Know Me – The Movie Version.

Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:34 am

Somebody, please enlighten me regarding the movie version of the above mentioned song.
Regarding the Clambake FTD, there seem to be an almost overwhelming agreement that the outtakes of this song, is outstanding? Outstanding might be with reference to the rest of the soundtrack? But, then again, how on earth could anyone really even bother to comment on this song, in this version?
Elvis, obviously, never ever thought about the recording of this song, in this version, ever to surface. The making of the studio alternate, which I happily remember as the original, became a classic in the single and album appearance, leaving the movie version some of the poorest vocal performances ever done by Elvis.
To each his own, but the movie version of You Don’t Know Me, is the worst work of art, imo, that Elvis ever did!
Now, throw me…