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Thu May 01, 2003 11:25 pm

SWMcCarty wrote:
"As for the footage used on The Last Farewell video from FTF, yes, this is 100% for sure footage from 6/26/77 as I know the source of the footage.
If it was not, the sound from the Adios CD used on the VCD simpily would not have matched up with the 8mm video as well as it did. The entire concert is not there visually, but it has been eddited to appear complete, watch the I Got A Woman/Amen portion for evidence of this. When it's all you have, you have to work with it. The raw, original 8mm video source was available way prior to the edditing and release of the VCD and watching that raw film with the original sound concludes the video is in fact from 6/26/77."

Hmmm. I completely agree with the audio and video matching in the I Got A Woman/Amen segment, but that is one of just a handful of instances where it is apparent that the audio and video are from the same show--in fact as I watched it for the first time, I made a mental note about that part looking "right", whereas most of the rest did not. The video I have looks to be pieced together from several different sources. Perhaps the video I have is one that has been extended by using video from other shows to make it look more complete.

So that I know we are comparing apples and apples here, how long is the video you all are referring to, or how many songs are featured? Thanks and sorry if I am clueless about this, but if we are talking about the same video, I am certain it is pieced together from several different shows in which he is wearing the Sundial suit. This example just popped into my head: Hurt--does the Indianapolis video feature Hurt? I've got that song on mine and it obviously is not from Indianapolis.

Thanks. (Sorry, I didn't use the quote feature correctly, but if you check the previous post, you'll see it is the same.)


Fri May 02, 2003 2:13 am

I must make a correction to my original post concerning the Indianapolis VCD. After speaking with the source this afternoon, the show was in fact eddited from Indianapolis footage as well as Chicago footage to comprise a "complete" concert experience. The sound however, of course all from 6/26/77 lifted from the "Adios" disc.
I apologize for the error and for unintentially misleading anyone. I confused one of the sources for the VCD with another source film from 6/26/77 that was not used in the VCD production but has been available on VHS format for many years.
-Bobby TCB...Good Eye!


Fri May 02, 2003 4:32 am

There is no pro video footage and no soundboard. CBS was done gathering what they needed concert wise and neither CBS nor RCA needed anymore audio for the special. Additionally, Moody Blue was finished so Felton had no need to "sneak" capture Elvis doing something rare. That and the fact that Elvis was planning on doing new songs on his next tour so it is common sense that Felton would have tried to record these shows if he needed anything. No one else besides Felton would have been making a soundboard copy. The only way I can see this happening is if Elvis would have went up to Felton before the show and said, "By the way Felton. I'm pretty sure I'll be dead on August 16 so it may be a good idea to record this here show as it will be my last." That conversation never took place and neither did the recording of this show. As for those who think a local channel was there to get a soundbite for the 6pm news, be serious. Not even the Memphis shows were recorded by the local stations. Does anyone have any idea how often Parker let a local news station film any part of a concert? Exactly never.

should ftd release indianapolis june 26 1977 ?

Fri May 02, 2003 5:02 am

johngale, first of all if you read the post above by the site administer who was at the indy show saw the reel to reel recorder (recording) in the large trunk. so the indy show was taped, where this tape is now that is another mystery. secondly you state the colonel( yep i know how much u all love him, weeping uncontrollably) never allowed newscrews filming.that again is incorrect as a few shows were filmed, bostan 71, msg 72 as examples
also i have msg about 40 mins. which was filmed this way .epe have alot of stuff like this but no they want you to by mugs(for mugs i guess) with elvis picture on there.also plenty of stuff in private collectors hands. by the
time alot of this great footage gets released officially, i guess we`ll all be dead unofficially.

Fri May 02, 2003 6:05 am

Hey, Steve On The Other Side Of The River :) -

Thanks for the clarification on the video sources. Take care!