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Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:27 pm

Gregory Nolan Jr. wrote:That's a shame, Denman. I knew Youtube couldn't last as it was, especialy after they let Google buy 'em out.

I recall someone (was it this thread?) mentioning a bunch of lower-profile youtube-inspired sites that one can freely enjoy such stuff. I'd love to know what they are - and let's all agree to meet there... :lol:

changeofhabit wrote:Now Warner has removed American Trilogy video which had over 130,000 viewers :? So it was a big hit and what happens? EPE wan't Elvis hits in Youtube and then Warner removes those.

These has been removed too:

What Now My Love (over 60,000 viewers)
Unchained Melody (over 100,000 viewers)
Aloha's American Trilogy (over 50,000 viewers)
Don't Be Cruel music video (over 250,000 viewers, most watched Elvis video in Youtube)
Hound Dog in Milton Berle Show (over 51,000 viewers)

So my question to EPE: How In the h_e_l_l you can get Elvis hit in Youtube if there isn't any Elvis videos which are worth watching? Of course Tweaked Elvis video is there still today.
I think better promotion to Elvis isn't in Internet than Youtube. It's highly popular and often mentioned in newspapers. If EPE want's sold more Aloha and Comeback Special DVD's, they should definetely left those few videos from those concerts be in Youtube. It is nothing but a good promotion for the DVD's.

That "Tweaked" video: isn't it that one with the '77 footage and some jerk going off about his drug usage? How does THAT stay up? CBS, call your office!

It certainly is. If I'm right, am I?, CBS doesn't anymore own Elvis in Concert but EPE does? Anyway, Elvis in Concert isn't bad publicity for Elvis. For example My Way and Hurt are simply beautiful, but that kind of description for the video is disgusting.

Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:35 pm

rickeap wrote:The fun police strike again.
I love the Elvis clips on Youtube

Me too.
They have not removed any clips from me (FOR NOW)