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Thu Nov 16, 2006 2:23 pm

deadringer wrote:Bigred: well now this I call THE UPGRADE, correct town - CINCINNATI 8)

Now I get it!! Same source, same sound but new spelling - genius!!! :lol:

I agree with others who say:

a) It's optional to buy
b) It is hardish to find an original
c) Significant improvement of any classic performance is always welcome
d) There are numerous new fans who mised out first time round
e) It will be more affordable than an original if you could find one

Bring it on, but if it's crap, then we will moan!!!

Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:25 am

Well, I agree with more of those before you, Big Red, but I get your point. God forbid we stopped critiquing and reviewing these releases.

But to suggest no one should try? Well, in that case, maybe I should go back to baseball card collecting or comic books. At least they're still trying... :lol:

Seriously, we're blessed (as I said elsewhere) to have kind souls who are trying to give Elvis just another level of achievement on recordings never even meant to be heard! Why not let' em try? The importers (and FTD) have made shows done for a quick buck and night of entertainment into epic reminders of various nights (and afternoons) of the great entertainer of the 20th century...