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Thu Sep 07, 2006 2:33 pm

PiersEIN wrote:Hi Gang,
Today by chance I came across this article (review of Careless Love) by the esteemed Gordon Minto from ETM&HM.
Written in 1999 mag #43, I had never read it before.
It is pertinent to this discussion..

"As regards his friends. I also have to admit to a gradual change in my attitude to them- For a number of years previously I was of the opinion that the so-called Memphis Mafia were little more than self-serving flunkies. However, I have moderated my views considerably over the years. I loved the revealing 'All The King's Men' tapes (for which I make no apology: if you don't agree that is your problem, not mine) and came to see that they - 'his guys' - did fulfil a number of very important roles.

Principally, we must not forget that Elvis liked them for most of the time and wanted them around. To a large extent he dictated - literally, as any feudal monarch would have done - what he wanted from there. Theirs cannot have been an easy position to occupy - friend and employee in many cases - and perhaps we ought to consider what we would have done in that position and not be so judgmental and hard upon them. Of course, they jockeyed for position and favours, but dammit, that's only human nature, and if we are to castigate them for that then we must also do so to Elvis for allowing that to happen.

Perhaps, somewhat late in the day, we ought to be exhibiting a little more compassion and understanding for them, for a consequence of occupying the high moral ground is that the fall is greater when our own weaknesses are discovered. Judge lest not ye be judged! And please, don't trot out any tripe about their trying to change Elvis: I've seen that movie, and life just does not work that way, as even an elementary knowledge of the workings of human behaviour will show.

Yet while Guralnick pulls no punches - there were times when I felt really emotional as I read what a state Elvis was in on occasions in the post-'73 era - we never get the impression that he disliked his subject or felt superior to him. On the contrary, it is Peter's ability and instinct to weigh the evidence carefully and present a plausible interpretation that makes this book so readable. But above all, apart from his fine qualities as a researcher and writer, it is his compassion and understanding which makes this book tower above all others of its type. In short - despite its uncomfortable nature at times - it is essential reading if you want to understand the real Elvis Presley and what a tormented and tortured soul he was for much of his later life. But be warned: some of the accounts are heartbreakingly sad."

Elvis The Man & His Music is an excellent magazine. Even reading back issues from 6 years ago is illuminating!


Elvis the man and his music is one of the best magazines around.

Re: The Lamar Fike Show

Thu Sep 07, 2006 4:04 pm

Trevell wrote:They should give Lamar Fike his own show on Sirius 13 Elvis Radio. It would be a nice contrast to hearing George Klein all the time. In fact, they should give a show to all the Memphis Mafia. Hearing those guys go back and forth arguing about how certain events happened would make great radio.

Some of you may know, but others may not, but the show that George Klein does on Sirius is an extension of a show he has done on Memphis radio for almost 25/26 years. He has had an Elvis show running that long in Memphis over the airwaves.