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Tue Aug 29, 2006 5:03 pm

Paul Anka could have bought the rights to any song - including My Way if he didn't own the rights, but recieving royalty checks for publishing doesn't indicate any writing credit just an investment credit. ~The two things are seperate and that's why i say it isn't a good rule of thumb. See the Yesterday comments above.

Tue Aug 29, 2006 5:47 pm

unclefester's my old pal JLGB.......tell us if Paul Anka has in the past and/or is still cashing royalty checks on the tune My Way......if he is.......I'll call it his song.....if he isn't please let the world know right here and that any confusion for the past 30 or so years can be cleared up....and you're just the fella to do it......aren't ya?? .......clue us all in will ya?...........uf
So was Elvis cashing royalty to Don't Be Cruel, All Shook Up, LMT and many "arranged by" royalties as well.... I have not checked about the lyrics translation but the MUSIC was already written by a European fellow (from France if I am not mistaken).

Tue Aug 29, 2006 6:16 pm

Actually guys I think Anka bought the rights to the tune and then added the lyrics.

so he would get the checks as he would own it - or at least did. But he didn't right the tune only the lyrics.

did he co-write the lyrics ?????

whatever, the upside of this was that David Bowies lyric submission was turned down in favour of Ankas and so Bowie turned around went away and wrote Life On Mars.

Tue Aug 29, 2006 6:20 pm

unclefester wrote:Hey would you like to answer the question I case you missed it.....I'll repeat it for Paul Anka now.....and/or in the past........cashing royalty checks for his involvement in the tune My Way?....if he is.....that's good enough for me.....Pay To The Order Of_________......let's go one step the orignal composer of the melody getting a cut of Ankas checks sent to his estate for his heirs........or has the melody been in the public domain for a very very long time?....try to answer the question and if you don't know......please so indicate.......... instead of adding a bunch of drivel..........uf
Based on your original comment what you are saying about "cashing in" is DRIVEL. You have to be careful cause if you want to insult me ...then you should look if another person is adding similar drivel too! My answer?? TIC TIC TOC TOC TIC....TOC TIC>>>>>>>>>>>>> :lol:


Tue Aug 29, 2006 6:59 pm

Anka don t own the right of this song. It is not the translation from the french song so IMO the french lyricist earn nothing from my way but only the french melodist does 8)

again the original version of "my way" was "comme d habitude" and the very first singer to ever sing this song in the world was one of the biggest french singer named claude fran├žois ( the song was number one in France from dec 1967 to jan 68 but shadowed by the events in Paris in june 68 ). Anka was in france, heard the song and brought back the song to the US and (co?)-wrote the english lyrics inspired from sinatra's life 8). From time to time i read on some elvis' websites that C Francois was killed when a hair-drier fell into his bath water, well that 's wrong, He died while screwing an electric light bulb on the wall in his bath. ok a stupid death :cry: for this singer who shares another song with EP ... "my boy" but that s another story.