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Tue May 23, 2006 12:45 am

Name calling is bad no matter if it is an indivual here or some other person ...there is no difference.

Tue May 23, 2006 1:10 am

Ah God, you were the one saying that this messageboard is full of people pointing fingers and name calling and then you go and do the same . Every time someone goes against one of your "projects", you get all upset ! Do or think whatever you need to do or think but dont get upset when your projects are turned down like your essay on Elvis and Black culture.

See you .


Tue May 23, 2006 8:01 am

I don't know about being best buds but I thought Ali was a frequent visitor backstage in Vegas. His tone about Elvis has always been respectful.

For what it's worth Sammy Davis Jr. always presented himself as an Elvis "friend" as does Tom Jones. Guess it depends on how you define friends. Guess we as fans like to see our favorite celebs pal around in our imaginations. We can't imagine them preferring the company of fellow nobodies like us.

Tue May 23, 2006 2:17 pm

KiwiAlan wrote:
Joe Car wrote:
Jay33 wrote:
KiwiAlan wrote::?: :?: :?: :?:

Elvis and Ali's friendship

Would such a documentary last longer than a minute :?:

And would the general public give a hoot :?:

Geez, I give up. This board is filled with negativity everywhere you turn. Why do I even bother? :roll:

Jay, it's the same several people that are negative. If you take a close look at Kiwi's "posts", you'll see that nine out of ten of his responses are negative. His user name should read "sourful Jones".

It's called realism, Joe :!:

Could you make a documentary out of one meeting - which wasn't even filmed :D

Maybe not Alan, but why must your posts for the most part belittle EP and his accomplishments? I'm not saying you have to put him on a pedestal, or anybody else for that matter, but try being more positive with some of your posts, after all you are a fan of his as are we. I as a fellow forum member would appreciate this from some of the more hardline fans, who seem too eager to hammer away at our guys flaws, flaws that we fellow human beings have as well, though most likely in different areas. It's okay in my book to point out things that you don't like, but being fair makes it easier to read, and not as frustrating, at least to me anyway.

Nothing personal Alan, just an observation>>>>> Joe.

beat ya to it!

Thu May 25, 2006 12:54 am

Christopher wrote:i´d love to see such a project coming (and i know that, at least, gayle "thechildwithin" would love to see it, too - in fact there are so many adorers of both men out there, just because both werde the most known people on this planet for the same generations during almost the same timeframe).
elvis and cassius, they led almost linked lifes, with the difference that ali is seven years younger and therefor his career is displaced about five or six years, compared to elvis´.
let´s take a closer look:
elvis started to become a brand to major audiences in ´55.
cassius got wider attention in ´60 with the winnings of the olympic gold medal in rome.
from his career beginnings until he got out of the army in ´60, the american establishment hated elvis.
just as they hated ali, after he had converted to the black muslims. that had absolutely changed, when he came out of (forced) retirement in ´70.

by 1960 and by 1970 both had become american role models, loved and recognized by millions worldwide.

both had been away from the public´s eye for a while:
elvis during his movie career from´61 until ´68;
ali was inactive due to a suspension from ´67 to ´70.

both had triumphant comebacks: the king in ´68 on nbc, the greatest ´71 against frazier in york´s garden.

the 2nd comeback was elvis´"aloha" ´73 and ali´s "rumble in the jungle" against foreman in ´74 (winning the championsbelt for the 2nd time).

after that, both declined rapidly, displaced just a few years. both got fat and lethargic, with the torch of fame & fortune still burning brightly.
both were the greatest in their field.

elvis disturbing last farewell was the cbs-special in ´77. ali´s was the tragic "last hurrah" against holmes three years later or the "drama on the bahamas", december ´81 against berbick.
by then, both had deteriorated that much, that their fans felt hurt to watch - it was reallife drama and tragedy.
but it didn´t change anything.
both had become so big by then, that they couldn´t topple their own monuments anymore.
today, they are still adored by millions, maybe more than ever before.
they are two of few true american icons.

working title: linked lifes -
enough contents for a documentary, kiwialan ... ? :wink:

Hey Christopher - were you inspired by my previous post on April 3rd!!?? -

"Strange that this topic should come up. I was just watching some of Ali's great fights. He had the same charisma as Elvis. You just can't seem to take your eyes off of him. This may be a bit fanciful, but their lives were quite similar, in some respects. They both had humble beginnings, both made an impact early on in life in their respective fields. They both went through a "wilderness" experience - Elvis got stuck in Hollywood and Ali was barred from boxing because of his conscientious objection to Vietnam. They both made glorious comebacks. They both went on too long, with tragic results."

Re: beat ya to it!

Thu May 25, 2006 12:43 pm

heathbarclay wrote:Hey Christopher - were you inspired by my previous post on April 3rd!!?? -

no, i wasn´t, heath (suppose this is your first name).
but the parallels have been obvious to me.
you use a very fitting keyword in your post and that is "charisma".
as the years went by, - after being two of the most hated individuals - both had become commonly accepted, much more than that: they were loved by the world.

did you know, that ali spoke officially to fans at graceland? must have been in the 80s, i think. i knew someone, who owned a recording, but we lost touch, so i were never able to listen to it.