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Fri Jun 20, 2003 5:25 am

YDKM wrote::shock: Regarding royalties don't forget that the October FTD release from Lake Tahoe will be a yet another POST March 1973 recording release!!

On limited run FTD yes - but not on general release RCA as in Close Up which is the subject here.

Fri Jun 20, 2003 8:10 am

I cannot believe that we are going to be getting a full concert from EOT and people are complaining because they are not getting a CD full of alternate takes

exactly my sentiments on this whole issue! i'd like to clarify sumthin' first. i am in NO WAY against more unreleased alternate takes being released and ,I, like most of us here, want everything Elvis ever did on cd, but i also realize that within good time, it'll come...but for the time being, my whole discussion here was all this griping about how a GREAT looking physical and GREAT vocally sounding Elvis in concert from a tour that hasn't been touched yet, could be possibly released in place of more alt?! we got plenty of them with TT@F and Platinum and if i recall, doesn't everyone here wanna see a SP ED "ELVIS on TOUR" DVD? well...wouldn't we all wanna see the concerts from that tour FILMED, be released on cd, let alone a MAJOR release rather than the limited FTD series?

Fri Jun 20, 2003 9:27 am

Yes, Tony,(Blue Gypsy) we are getting a full EOT concert, but to quote a review of this box set's concert that I saw elsewhere: "is this concert anything special? no".

I'd rather have the '70s outtakes.

Fri Jun 20, 2003 10:55 am

Hi my friend minkahed.

genesim`s got the point exactly. Separate Ways was one example
out of many. Understand ? The year 1971 was one year as an example.
Understand ? So do your lists for 1972 onwards. We can leave 1970 out
because, like someone mentioned above correctly, we got good material
from this year.
And I`d rather see a few more takes of Seperate Ways than more takes of No Room To Rhumba In a Sportscar, my friend.
Choosing take 25 of Seperate Ways doesn`t mean that we have 23 FS.
Choosing the right take is Ernsts thing, perhaps take 14 is even better.
I just wanted to make clear that the 70`s in general, besides the live material,aren`t treated the same way as the sixties.
If you don`t like the music Elvis made in the 70`s than go hearing the
loads we got from the 60`s.
I would like to see more of fantastic songs like Moody Blue, Never Again,
Danny Boy, Susan WhenShe TriedYou Asked Me to, Honky Tonk Angel,
Mr.Songman, I`ve Got A Thing About You, Baby, Burning Love, It`s Only
Love, fools Rush In, For Lovin`Me and,................................................
There are songs where take 24 was the master, ther are songs with a lower master take, but still more takes do exist of these songs e.g.Always
On My Mind. I can`t get enough from this song.
See, my friend. There`s a lot of work to do, to give the 70`s the honor
they deserve.


To genesim.

Hi Gene Simmons.

Thanks a lot for supporting me a little bit. My english isn`t that good.
You expressed exactly what I wanted to make clear to my friend


Fri Jun 20, 2003 1:10 pm

I think having the concert on disc 4 is a good idea. Gives some variety to the set. An unreleased seventies concert, I can't wait.

I would also like more seventies out-takes, but I will wait, and they will come. :D


Fri Jun 20, 2003 1:58 pm

Hi, Sam

thanks a lot for your post, now I´m getting to think I`m not standing
alone with my point of view. The same to genesim.
Slowly but surely the thing goes into the right direction.
What about you, my friend minkahed ?
Would you agree ?

very best regards

Fri Jun 20, 2003 5:19 pm

i'm sorry ,but i think your just plain IGNORANT and your posts are becoming quite redundant!!!! you obviously haven't listened to a word i have written, allowing me to assume you just don't understand or CAN'T understand! :( all this drivel about the 60's and "There's no Room To Rhumba...", what are u coo coo coo? :wink: :lol: who in the hell keeps bringing up all this 60's talk, let alone u keep bringing up movie songs, YOU YOU YOU because u have no argument against my reply! quite redundant to say the least... hey, at least I GET MY CONCERT and YOU have to WAIT WAIT hahahahahahahahahahahahahah for your take 14 of SP or whatever the hell your talkin' about !!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Fri Jun 20, 2003 7:12 pm

minkahead...take a chill pill! I would have responded to the "defending" response, but Cisco beat me to it. He laid out CLEARLY what you misunderstood. Look the rundown is this: He states how the 4th cd could have been more 70's studio material...then a concert that would be best suited on a "forgotten" Elvis on Tour package. You minka say there is nothing left. So Cisco brings up the point that THERE IS MORE LEFT. You attack his one if that negates his point. I try to point this out..and I also agree.

I am not complaining the ANYTHING is being released. I am happy...BUT once again the 70's gets the shaft compared to other decades.

There is no reason to get personal Minkahead. If you disagree then fine...but once again people go way over the edge. Calling people IGNORANT or attacking because someone agrees with someone else is absurd. Maybe KIWIALAN has a point about the royalties..but no harm in talking it out.

"hey, at least I GET MY CONCERT and YOU have to WAIT WAIT hahahahahahahahahahahahahah for your take 14 of SP or whatever the hell your talkin' about !!!"

What kind of attitude is this? I for one feel that there are bucketloads of rehearsals and alternates and ORIGINAL MASTERS that deserve to see the light of day.

Now minkahead you say my Separate Ways chart placing is petty? WHo was the one that brought that up? Actually it is that kind of thinking, that upsets me. Who cares if one song is better than the other. They all should be released!! I hate this attitude. Again, how many Hound Dogs and Love Me Tender's do we need.

From genesim: "We don't have MUCH from TROUBLE or Raised on Rock? Did I say NOTHING...NO!!!

In the end I do agree with Sam. We will get more 70's in time. Shame that it will be all over the place in no Cohesive order. We want good material from the 68 special...we get them all on a couple of cd's. You want Elvis On Tour...well we get it on the 4th cd of a box set AND with the sacrifice of 70's outakes.

Still Closeup I will buy and love. I am truly grateful and my arguments above are very small. Still one can't ignore that other artists have been treated better.

Fri Jun 20, 2003 7:38 pm

Hi, genesim

Thank`s a lot for your post. Well-written and exactly what I wanted to make clear to minkahed. I don`t know, why he is so angry. I just have a point of view. Seems like minkahed is the only one who is allowed to have an opinion about some Elvis topics. I posted that I won`t quarrel with him because he is an Elvis fan like we are all. What does he do ? Insulting people who disagree ! Bad character I call this. Shame on you minkahed. Of course you`ll get your concert and I`ll get it, too. And, after all, we all will get our takes from the 70`s. With the exeption of you, minkahed, you obviously won`t buy them, buy your take 103747 of Song Of The Shrimps.

best regards

Fri Jun 20, 2003 11:42 pm

oh boy, guess i've upset the 2 buddies jene and crisco! so sorry,but u guys r soooooo predictable! here we go with the philosophy lesson about attitudes and taking a chill pill...give it up jene, guess u girls can't take a lil sarcasm! :twisted: oh and cisco u got me soo angry i just don't know what to do! :shock: :shock: :shock:

u guys have made no decent contribution to this lingering topic. cisco keeps babbling about "song of the shrimp" and movie songs and now jene is a psychiatrist! if u guys would for ONE MINUTE get your heads outta your asses and read my posts, you would see that i agree with u guys on having everything. my argument is with cisco about complaining about having more alt on a major box set that won't happen! can't u understand this?

and this guy cisco keeps bringing up me having more movie songs released. is this guy wacko? i just keep laughing about this cuz my favorite Elvis era is the 70's and this character keeps on with his total drivel about "song of the shrimp"? and jene, YOU brought up the chart placing for "SW" being "petty", not me!

this is so funny cuz it's like arguing with children...oh oh ...maybe i shouldn't have said that cuz jene might get mad, but then again if we all agreed on everything, we'd all be pretty bored, wouldn't we?

Sat Jun 21, 2003 1:15 am

Hey minkahed the name is genesim G(not J)ene for short. Learn it...know it. As far as a psychiatrist...Well you can think of me that way if you want is up to you. I can be some help, just let me know.

Though I am not a girl. Far from it my dear. I can't help you there...

"the original single never got higher than #20 on the Hot 100"

Wasn't this where chart placings were first brought up? LIke I said PETTY!! Considering Elvis career, it is rediculous to measure what should be released by chart output. You said it..NOT ME.

By the way, minkahed I for one am not MAD. Just dissapointed that someone has to resort to name calling. I will say this(as I have said 101 times), I am guilty of personal attacks, but on the new board I have tried to control it. To bad that others can't do the same. Time and time again I am labeled as a trouble maker...but it is obvious who is throwing out comments like "get your heads outta your asses".

Who is arguing like a child? I fail to see where I have done nothing but treat you with respect. A shame that I can't recieve the same treatment.

Sat Jun 21, 2003 4:03 am

genesim wrote: Time and time again I am labeled as a trouble maker...

genesim, you aint nothin' but a trouble maker :!: :!: :!:

:lol: :lol:

Only jokin'


Sat Jun 21, 2003 7:10 am

well...just as I expected, another jibberish redundant remark! totally predictable and now u think your arrogant behavior leads you to believe you can be a shrink? :lol: pretty laughable! oh, by the way, it bothers u that i intentionally mispelled jene? look at how u keep mispelling my name FOOL, oops, there i go again, totally comtradicting you poor self!!! :mrgreen:

anyway, back to the topic.

You minka say there is nothing left. So Cisco brings up the point that THERE IS MORE LEFT

well, again and again, if you took as much time to read and comprehend my posts, i think u wouldn't be so offended. my opinion is based on FACT! u dig? i spoke with Ernst in Memphis last year, as well as Mike Omansky at RCA and they both specified to me that the 70's material they have left, wich is NOT MUCH, would probably see the light of day thru the FTD label!!! ok, NOW do u get it? RCA's main objective is MONEY and they only want what they think will sell. you keep missing the objective here...the "Seperate Ways" example was, why would RCA/BMG have any faith in alt. takes of songs that the GENERAL public just wouldn't care for when they didn't care about them then. they've already used most of the real good ones and this was from Ernst to me. again, not opinion, FACT!
last nite on QVC, Mike O. plugged the live concert on disc 4 as being "the first live version of Burning Love before the recorded one.."! now let's see, if he had said " the first live version of Seperate Ways..", the "joe public" would be like, "what"? how convienant that he mentioned 'Burning Love" when it was just on the triple platinum success E1! is it starting to unfold 4 u?

oh, please don't try to label me as one of your..." u got an attitude type..." if u can't handle some intentional sarcasm that's really NOT to be taken seriously, i suggest u don't participate in any more of my replies...
if you want respect from me, u must earn it with some lucid (look it up... :D ) intelligence, no more of your hi horse drivel. sometimes the truth hurts. have a great day tommorrow...

Sat Jun 21, 2003 8:01 am

Hi, minkahed.

Now to proof your point of view, you spoke to Ernst, hm,hm,hm.
That`s a completly new fact. And he told you, the best has already
been released, hm, hm, hm
What about the fantastic rehearsal frm 8.16.74 which has completely only
released on bootleg ?
No tapes for Ernst ? Just the 2 songs from 70`s masters.
Would you please so kind and ask your dear friend Ernst to release more of this rehearsal.
Now a quote from Recording Sessions 2 by Tunzi to the sessions in Febr.1976 in Graceland:
Other than "America The Beautiful" the complete session tapes are intact with outtakes of every selection in the RCA vault.
Just one session I picked out by random and you dare to tell us there is nothing interesting left. Could you tell Ernst that he might have forgotten something else and to release it. Maybe as a CD 4 on a forthcoming box ?

If you want more evidence to proof that there are tons(!) of the 70`s waiting for their release, tell me and you`ll get more evidence, my friend.
Nothing interesting left, I can`t believe it...........


Sat Jun 21, 2003 8:53 am

you see, I make intelligent posts and this is what i get back? NOW who's being IGNORANT? now did I EVER, EVER say anywhere that ernst was my friend? where,, you r a joke and your WAY outta your league...totally clueless. if you for one minute thought about it, you would have the sense to think that RCA is the boss and in control of their ELVIS catologue and they hired ernst as producer, therefore, everything has to go thru RCA dippy! now i ask Elvis fans on this board reading this: how many of you think the '74 rehearsal would make up a whole disc on a major box set? I thought so...

If you want more evidence to proof that there are tons(!) he keeps saying "TONS". think about this: 'TONS"? ok, i'll wait..."TONS"...wonder how many are actually be deemable for release?

of the 70`s waiting for their release, tell me and you`ll get more evidence, ????????? please explain what that jibberish is...LOL

again, let me express that these ARE NOT MY OPINIONS and are solely based on a conversation I had with Ernst in front of the mobile graceland in Memphis, Aug. 12th of '02!
, but of course, cisco will not comprehend a word of my sincere posts and what the issue is at hand...

Sat Jun 21, 2003 9:40 am

My friend minkahed just takes all too serious. Minkahed please take your next chill pill. Can`t you see, that I´m not so upset as you are, I`m a little bit ironical without insulting you, that`s all, and that`s the difference between us, dear.
And I didn`t say the whole rehearsal has to be released, i just stated that there`s material left fitting for release as part of CD4 along with other cuts from the 70`s.
The point is that you argue there isn`t much left to be released as well as your friend Ernst said to you but that ain`t true. Just tell me if you want other quotes from Tunzi and I`ll proof it.
Still I´m hard like iron. There are tons waiting for their release.Not just complete studio sessions. we got plenty of rehearsals as well.
Parts we got on Platin and Walk a Mile in My Shoes. But that was just the peak of the mountain. I hope we`ll get at least parts of this fantastic material soon. If possible as CD4 of a box-set.
Do you agree, minkahed ?

very best regards

Sat Jun 21, 2003 10:04 am

cisco, can u read this, GHGKGG%*%%%^&^&&&#@%)()_)IJHJHJHHJJBVVDXSDD<?<<><LKLK?

i thought so....CiscoCLUELESS!!! :D :D :D

Sat Jun 21, 2003 10:56 am

CD No 4 is the concert. Nothing can change that.
Lets move on!!!!! :D


Sat Jun 21, 2003 3:56 pm

The “Close Up” set represents a change of approach from BMG, and explores four different themes rather than taking the tried and tested career overview route.
I think the inclusion of the San Antonio show is both in response to the fans requests for “On Tour” material, and also because it allows BMG to devote a full disc to 1970’s performances that are for the most part consistently strong.

There are indeed enough alternate takes from the ‘70’s left in the vaults for BMG to compile a number of FTD albums, and I think FTD will be the outlet for this type of material. If the excellent “Memphis Sessions” CD wasn’t given a commercial release, I can’t see BMG releasing alternate collections from 1971 or (a second collection from) 1973 commercially either, although the odd alternate may be included on future releases. That’s not to say that these recordings don’t hold any interest for us fans, and I certainly look forward to more material from these sessions on future FTD releases.

On the subject of rehearsals, whilst this material also provides an enjoyable and interesting listen, I also think that the majority of these performances are better suited to collector’s releases. It’s also worth noting that aside from the cassette tape from August 16, 1974 that has been bootlegged, it’s not clear what rehearsal material post 1972 is actually in the possession of RCA. Tunzi’s “Sessions II” has an extensive list of songs that were believed to have been rehearsed between 1969 and 1974, and this list includes a number of unreleased titles. However, until the tapes are located and the existence of these tracks is actually confirmed, all we really have is speculation.

Sat Jun 21, 2003 8:43 pm

More name calling? Is this your idea of intelligent responses? minkahed.

I never intentionally mispelled your name. I don't think I got it wrong many times. It is a odd name, so please excuse me for my mistakes. What is youre excuse for gene? or genesim.

Arrogant, that is pretty funny. This is a first for me being called that on this board. Let me just say that you minkahed cannot get through one post without calling somebody names like "dippy" or "fool". I pose a challenge to you minkahed, make your NEXT post, NAME CALLING free. Can you handle this? If you can, then I will have truly witnessed change.

The rehearsals are plenty(along with many other gems from alternate takes), if you need help go to the reviews on the "import" list. Though I am betting there is more that hasn't "leaked" out yet. Tis a shame that only snippets of it has been spoon fed to us so far. If you still don't believe this then fine. I for one(again) am not complaining that we are getting the material, I just wish it could have been released in a better way.

Again, minkahed try using restraint on your next post, you will find that your point will get across much easier and you won't have to resort to blowing up. We all have different opinions, please try to use some respect. From post one I haven't gotten personal.

Really, I am not a shrink or counselor, I would never claim to be. That is for proffesionals in the field, I pursued other studies when obtaining my degree. I think if you just calm down you will be ok.

Sat Jun 21, 2003 10:53 pm

and on and on we go...once again, predictable! redundancy and ignorance is all too familiar in your dark corner. that's not name calling friend, those 2 examples are evident characteristics shining thru your replies, devoid of any lucid contribution your TRYING to establish. your negativity leads me to believe your character is all the SPINE of a CHOCOLATE ECLAIR.... :(

Sun Jun 22, 2003 1:44 am

That's right, minkahed, they are all quite confused!
Nobody who has taken his Elvis glasses off his eyes can believe that anything from the mentioned '74 rehearsal tape might be suited for the general public (that goes not only for the sound of that material). :shock:

I think that we have seen a general drop in quality over the last couple of official releases content wise :( The TT@F box is a good example for this. BMG decided to stick to the tried and proven "overview pattern" and presented studio material from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Just like someone said earlier in a post: most of us don't care as much for the 60s material as for the 70s outtakes. But when I look at the 70s outtakes material on this set I do have to wonder, if this is the right material for a joe public. :?:

Having played some of the material to my non-Elvis-fan-friends lately I can easily say that they have no idea, what was so wonderful about these recordings that they should have been on a major release. :oops:

On the other hand most of them really liked the pounding bass of Polk Salad from MSG a/s or the guitar riff of Proud Mary from the same show. :D

And I think this is about the point: even if you guys will probably not understand it, non of the rehearsal material and most of the left over outtake material of the 70s has the potential to make the casual buyer spent his hard earned money! :P

Rest assured, minkahed and me will be the first in line to buy ftds with this kind of material, but that was not about the point. The point of this posting was that bmg should not have included EoT material but instead should have released some 70s outtakes/rehearsals :!:

Open your eyes: this is 2003 and most of the people out there really do not care for take xyz of She thinks I still care or anything like this! :!:

Sun Jun 22, 2003 2:15 am


I would have rather gotten rid of the Unreleased Movie Gems CD and replaced it with a disc of outtakes from 1970 through 1976. This would have made the boxset a excellent follow up to Today, Tomorrow And Forever.


San Antonio

Sun Jun 22, 2003 2:26 am

I agree 100% Elvis112!
Here is a post I posted on another thread along those same lines.

Blue-Gypsy wrote:Hey Andy

I missed your post earlier. I love alt-takes I just like them the way FTD does them including the masters along with the alts. Also I like the way they did the Jungle Room Sessions. Why is it we cannot get our alt-takes like this and leave the regular releases to the masters or unreleased performances such as the San Antonio show? Joe Shmoe on the street could careless about alt-takes but he might take an interest in hearing a Live show when Elvis was at his peak. As I said I have bought regular issues assuming them to be the masters and been dissapointed to find they were not. Of course I am more informed now than I was years ago.


Sun Jun 22, 2003 2:49 am

:D Thx Blue-Gypsy! I think we finally get back to the point!

I think it could be of some help if Elvis fans in general would try to get a more down-to-earth view on certain things.

Just like you put it: Joe Shmoe couldn't care less on more alt. takes and might be easily mislead thinking he's getting the masters.

Hand picked, strong material such a a mulit-track 72 live performance will keep people interested in Elvis.

I think that BMG in general should try to concentrate more on quality than on quantity, for what sense does a 4 CD-set make with only a minimum of interesting material (which IMHO has been the problem with all the sets released during the last couple of years)?

I really don't see how anybody could be offended by saying that there's no sense in releasing 70s alt. takes only of value for the die-hard fans?

Or does anyone on this board really believe that non-Elvis-fans today would like to hear an alternate take of e.g. It ain't no big thing or He'll have to go while in general listening to EMINEM or Britney Spears or P.Diddy or Jennifer Lopez name'em... :?: :?: :?:
Wake up! :lol: