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Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:36 pm

Review: Tucson '76 FTD. Written by Johnny, while Listening To The Concert!.

See See Rider (From May 30 1976 afternoon show) - Because the show is incomplete, they added this song from May 30. Elvis sounds a bit tired, but it's not a very bad version. The band is kicking, and the reason elvis sounds a bit tired, is because he most likely just woke up. However for an afternoon show its quite okay!.

I Got A Woman-Amen - It goes straight into this song, most likely because the tape didnt start until the song started. So no well well well intro. also the sound quality is a bit different, this version ain't that bad either for the time, As the song progresses it gets better, altough like most versions after 1974 elvis don't sound very interested. elvis sings ''aaaaaamen, watch the chord change, hmmmm and the feedback.. Well good god almighty'' Elvis does his shaky leg routine and says ''I'm just waking up.. I know you wake me up, thats where i am afraid off''
''Its ridiculous'' elvis notes after the shaky leg routine. JD does his divebomb elvis notes ''That's average.. That's average for him, he can do better so listen to him this time, I like this group back here, im used to people yelling turn around turn around, and nothing back there''
after a quick reprise of amen, JD does his divebomb again, and this version ends at 5 minute and 50 seconds. An okay version!.

Love Me - ''we hope you enjoy the show, the rest of the afternoon, the first part was adequate!'' Elvis talks about that he's gonna do old ones and new ones. ''Let me see, when u wear a flower on your left ear it means.. .your available?? it means ur ridiculous!'' he jokes
''Gimmie a little bitty scarf, for a little bitty girl, aww dont cry, its okay''
Love me is like most shows, nothing interesting, Elvis hands out his scarfs. Altough his vocal sounds okay for this version, and does sing most of the lyrics, i can only consider this an average/okay version.. Nothing special.

If You Love Me Let Me Know - ''Elvis introduces the song as ''If you love me let me go''. a good and enjoyable version for the time, ofcoarse nothing like the 1974/1975 version, This is one of the songs elvis hardly performed bad version of.

You Gave Me A Mountain - There's a false start ''Hold it, this is the wrong song to do this song, I can tell by the look on this womans face that i'll never get through this song, She put the hoomie on me, i couldnt even sing!'' then elvis starts once again, and like most versions performed from 1972 till the end, elvis always gave this song the dedication it deserved, This is a good version, Elvis does a strong version. The ending is great to, elvis goes into a higher voice. Great version!

All Shook Up - Oh Welll... I Started 1400 songs starting ''oh wella.. oh well!!! When my blue moon turns..'' elvis jokes a bit more, before doing a trowaway version of ''All shook Up''.

Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel - Another trowaway, nothing special to note about this. altough during the break of Don' t Be Cruel he jokes ''Thats one of my old scarfes''
And I Love You So - Performed close to the tempo of the studio version. Elvis does a beautiful version. It's a good version.

Jailhouse Rock - An enjoyable version to me for the most part, altough elvis seems to
get a bit lost before the end.. ofcoarse its nothing like the previous years.

Help Me - First rarity. Performed at a slow pace, Good version. Always liked this song.

Fever - besides of elvis joking a few times, it's a enjoyable version. ''combed my hair for 3 hours, messed it up'' elvis notes during the song.

Polk Salad Annie - Good version, very enjoyable. The band is rocking, and altough elvis voice still sounds a bit tired, he does a good version. ''Sock a little two songs''.

Elvis gets a request for ''The Last Farewell'' and he's a bit out of breath from just performing polk salad annie. ''One of the finest gospel quartets in tupelo, missisippi''
Elvis introduces his new bass singer ''Larry Strickland''. Elvis also notes that Ed Hill sounds like a broken record when he talks, lol... Ed enoch is the blond kid with the hairy legs!. and their tenor singer, who sings you'll never walk alone, which is the story of his life, is bill baize!. gotta love that afectious elvis laugh.

Early morning rain - A okay version, but very short, Not longer then a minute.

I won't talk about What'd I Say, because this is a 60 second version. And ain't much to talk about.. Just part of the introductions, Altough during what'd I say elvis does get a bit into it.. if only he'd done a full version. while the solo's continue, Elvis notes ''When was the last time we played tucson??.. 1972 good gosh.. We have a new piano player with us, his name is tony brown'', i gotta admit, i always liked tony browns piano solo. David briggs performs his solo, before we go back to the may 30 1976 show (this time the evening show), for Love Letters. It's noticable as the sound quality changes..

Love letters - it's performed at a slow pace, It's another song that never bores me, and that elvis always gives some sort of sincerity. This is a beautiful version.
Back to the June 1st 1976 show.

School Day (Hail Hail Rock & Roll) - Just part of the introductions, Nothing special.

Hurt - Elvis vocal is great, I always prefered the live versions to the studio masters. Elvis does a great version with a great ending, Elvis does full reprise of the song, and again performs it greatly, with an evening stronger ending. 2 Great version!.

Burning Love - A good version, altough instead of ''higher and higher its burning through to my soul'' Elvis sings ''Girl Girl Girl, its burning through to my soul''. However its a cool version!. The ending ''Yeah with burning love now'' is great to, this is just a great version!.

Help Me Make It Through The Night - Another rarity for the time elvis gets asked for ''For The Good Times'' but says ''Would u settle for, Help me Make It Trought The Night?'' Slow and short version, running for 2 minutes. Its a good version.
Elvis remembers the request for ''The Last farewell'' he notes he wished he knew it, then recites a bit of danny boy before asking the band if the song is in an album. And the tucson crowd got lucky, considering this is the only live version of elvis performing this song!.

Danny Boy - Gotta say this is very beautiful, the piano is very low, and elvis voice very upfront. this is very beautiful, and im glad this got the FTD treatment. ''and THEN my grave will reacher sweeter be, For you will bend, and tell me, That You Love Me''. this is the highlight of the whole album, and worth getting this album for, it's haunting!.

Hound Dog - Starts very strong, gets weaker thou, Average version, altough elvis does seem to have a little fun with it.

Funny How Time Slips Away - ''Let me turn the house lights up so i can see you, Boy oh boy! come on up sweetheart, what you want? you already got a scarf, You deserve it, he's already been run over 20 times tonight!'' Elvis kisses some girls and jokingly sings ''I hope that he blew his cool'' it's an okay version
Elvis thanks the audience and thanks them for giving such good response tonight, and that if they want them back, just call and they will come back. Sadley this would be the last time elvis would play Tucson.

Can't Help Falling In Love/Closing Vamp - An okay version, he sings most lyrics and jokes ''Take my hand... Again???'' this version is a bit slower to then usual, Elvis ends the song greatly thou!.

altough this afternoon show consists of some average performed songs, it contains some great highlights to, I heard this show getting made fun of on several occasions.. which i wouldnt think is very fair, as this show is not that bad at all!! Danny Boy, Help Me Make it Through The Night, Help Me, Burning Love, Hurt.. i think the line from ''For ole time sake'' fits here ''I've seen the good outweight the bad''. If you don't have it yet.. Buy it! Especially for the only live version of Danny Boy!.


Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:09 am

Thanks Johnny, put it on my wish-list :D

Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:16 am

People have not praised this release because the standard of performance is low. But it chronicles what the show was like at this time, which is the point and purpose of FTD releasing it. "Danny Boy" is a very good one-off, and certainly miles better than what was requested. Thanks for doing the review.

Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:18 am

Pink&Black wrote:Thanks Johnny, put it on my wish-list :D

you're welcome! :D

Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:18 am

drjohncarpenter wrote:People have not praised this release because the standard of performance is low. But it chronicles what the show was like at this time, which is the point and purpose of FTD releasing it. "Danny Boy" is a very good one-off, and certainly miles better than what was requested. Thanks for doing the review.

You're welcome doc!. :D

Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:38 am

Thanks so much for the review. This was my very first FTD purchase when it was first released. I actually like this release and listen to it a couple of times a year.

Thanks again..


Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Mon Mar 17, 2014 7:19 am

Thank you for this great review, Johnny2523.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here is Elvis' stunningly moving performance of "Danny Boy" from that concert.

Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:35 pm

MaryAnn wrote:Thank you for this great review, Johnny2523.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here is Elvis' stunningly moving performance of "Danny Boy" from that concert.

Thank you maryann
Happy St. Patricks day!

Re: Review: Tucson '76 FTD

Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:34 am

Thanks for the review, Johnny. I think I didn't even ONCE listen to the whole concert and my CD just gathers dust on the shelf. But I listened a couple of times to "Danny Boy", which is without a doubt the highlight of this mediocre show.