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His Hand In Mine Review - FTD

Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:18 pm

Following what has now become the set and trusted formula for the 2 disc upgrades of an original album the focus falls on Elvis' first set of sixties religious/sacred recordings.With the success of the 1957 Peace In The Valley EP this was always on the cards.Almost all of the RCA roster of artists at sometime or another cut an album in this genre.
Disc 1 features the LP as originally released plus the singles Surrender and Crying In The Chapel.The former sits uneasy in its surrounding but must be applauded by adding it for completeness.Crying In The Chapel,treated as nothing more than a leftover surplus to requirement,was released in 1965 as an easter single and became a massive hit on both sides of the atlantic.It later found its way onto the How Great Thou Art LP as a 'by request' bonus song but is rightfully restored here.The disc is rounded out with eleven of the fourteen songs' first takes.
Both Mansion Over The Hilltop and If We Never Meet Again do not appear on disc 2 The Session Outtakes being already fully covered as master and first takes.The remainder of the October 30,1960 Nashville session is represented.
Packaging wise the 7 inch EP style gatefold cover holds the cds that have replicated the USA LP record labels,the LP back cover is reproduced inside along with a beautiful alternate full size picture of the one used for the USA 45 cover of Are You Lonesome Tonight.The booklet is crammed full of photos and pics of memorbilia/worldwide record releases,as has become the norm,connected with the recordings with the in and outtakes page in a darker ink making it much easier to read than in other releases.
Verdict: This is a wonderful release and deserves the support of every Elvis fan.

Review compiled by Deejay

Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:34 am

That's a nicely-written snapshot review, Pseu.

But speaking of "easy to read" : add some paragraph indentations and some quotes where needed, and proper spacing and you might have more responses! :wink:

Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:54 pm

Thanks for the advice.