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Sun Nov 27, 2005 4:02 am

Of all the FTD label gems, this collection of Nashville outtakes taped in June and September 1970 is one of the most outstanding.From the outset this is a winner - particularly if like me you're favourite Elvis year is 1970!!

The sessions that make up this CD were indeed Marathon, with in excess of 30 tracks being recorded and three albums emerging plus countless singles. A few years ago, RCA issued A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW, which was a fine collection of rarities from these same sessions and this new release could well be a volume two.

Here however, we focus on the ballads unlike the sister release. A rockin' instrumental jam of "Tiger Man" opens the set and the first we hear of Elvis is a delicate take on "Twenty days" which actually ends without a fade. It's also refreshing to hear him sing "I kicked her out" instead of the watered down "Fooled around".

The first take of "I've Lost You" is very tender, and features a few lyrical blunders, whereas "The Sound Of Your Cry" is a real jam! He goes on for over 5 minutes and wrings every last drop out of it!

The take ones of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "How The Web Was Woven" are very together and really benefit from the lack of strings.

A loose take of "The Next Step is Love" is quite pleasing, although the simultaneously issued earlier take from the "Today tomorrow And Forever" box is nicer. "I'll Never Know" on the other had is a gem, complete with an hilarious spoken interlude at the end with some naughty language!!

"Life" is great while "Love letters" starts mid song and needs obvious attention. Never one to compete with the original 1966 recording, its still nice to hear.

"Heart of Rome" is a shambles with Elvis off tempo at times, and the July rehearsal version with ad libs is still the better alternate.

"Mary In The Morning" and "Sylvia" sound simply beautiful unadorned, and the "ELVIS COUNTRY" song "It's Your Baby" still sounds fresh today.

I always wish "It Ain't No Big Thing" had been included on the country album, and it sits well here in a new version not dissimilar to the one on A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW, although here the solo is shorter.

A real highlight, if not THEE best moment of the CD is the complete unedited session for "A Hundred Years From Now". Elvis changes the lyrics to "That's all in the past and you can kiss my ass" in take one, and his f-word outburts at the end area real giggle.

"Tomorrow Never Comes" is the version bootlegged a few years ago on "Whole lotta Shakin' Goin' On", but without the clipped intro, and in superb quality. Elvis' voice suffers a little on the last note, but otherwise, it's a nice alternate - if a little un-polished.

Into the September sessions we go next, and a wonderful version of "Snowbird" which beats the original version hands down. It's another of those Elvis tracks that is much improved without the overdubbs that marred the original issue.

"Rags To Riches" is an unusual version, still powerhouse, but with Elvis not sounding so confident. This version was obviously deemed not to be "the" version to release originally, but the master was only a take away!

Another new alternate take of "Where DiD They Go Lord" rounds off a fantastic CD.

The actual disc is housed in the usual digi-pack, and the front cover features a nice (if a little too well known) studio shot of Elvis and the Nashville band and producers. 1969 and 1970 candids cover the back and inside cover.

As we've come to expect from FTD, no liner notes are included and no mention is made of the September sessions. But it's the music that counts and here it's exceptional music and in the finest possible quality.

Roll on the 1971 sessions!

Sun Nov 27, 2005 5:11 am

I would love to hear the masters from this sessions,with out the over dubs.

The above cd you write about is up there (with JUNGLE ROOM SESSIONS),hearing him live in the studio,great stuff.

Sun Nov 27, 2005 11:40 am

It would be great to get the undubbed masters, your right. Maybe it will happen with the classic album re-issues on FTD. Like ELVIS TODAY which sounds much nicer unadorned.

Sun Nov 27, 2005 1:24 pm

Elvis-today is the type of thing that would be a nice thing to have the masters with out the overdubs.

Sun Nov 27, 2005 1:35 pm

The FTD release of ELVIS TODAY features the original album, then outtakes then the original album again but undubbed. Sounds excellent. Especially Woman Without Love.


Sun Jul 23, 2006 5:30 pm

Very enjoyable cd from ftd. u can imagine in your mind Elvis singingthe songs - i thoroughly enjoy this era in Elvis career. just like - ttwii :wink:


Wed Jul 26, 2006 8:05 pm

Swingin-Little-Guitar-Man wrote:Of all the FTD label gems, this collection of Nashville outtakes taped in June and September 1970 is one of the most outstanding.From the outset this is a winner - particularly if like me you're favourite Elvis year is 1970!!

Roll on the 1971 sessions!

Hi, I certainly agree with you ! Maybe my favourite FTD ! 8) :D

But, given Elvis' weak vocal shape, I am much less confident about 1971...