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Fri Apr 08, 2005 1:57 pm

I received my copy of Polk Salad Annie through the post yesterday and I must say that reports of Elvis's coughing seem to have been somewhat exagerated.

And although sometimes Elvis's humour can have me groaning, his comments on this CD had me laughing out loud more than once. Sure not all of the songs are of master quality, but it's still a fine performance. Of the FTD discs I have (admittedly only 6 of 'em so far), I would rate this second only to One Night In Vegas. Essential!

Oh, and I quite like hearing Charlie's harmonies on Don't Cry Daddy - he sings it well!


Sun Oct 30, 2005 2:25 am


Thanks for the review.

Polk Salad Annie is one of my favorite FTDs so far. While it's not his best show, it's still very good. And it is an almost complete show from February 1970 and professionally recorded!

Sun Oct 30, 2005 3:00 am

This is the kind of CD you have to listen to everytime you are sad.....boy Elvis is funny! :lol:

Wed Nov 02, 2005 2:35 am

This release was a good option in part of the FTD!! Also a rare version of Hound Dog including the 2nd verse.. :wink:

Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:28 pm

Where is RR's review?


Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:30 pm


In the first post of this thread.

Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:47 pm


On my PC the first post is from familyjules and if I look up RR's post's there's nothing since July 12th.

I can't work out what's going here. :?


Thu Nov 03, 2005 11:01 pm


Just use your imagination.

:lol: :oops:

Fri Nov 04, 2005 9:05 pm

tupelo_boy wrote:Where is RR's review?


Where is 'Rockin' Rebel' these days, period. :cry:

Mon Nov 07, 2005 8:22 pm

That was my other question, but I can only deal with one thing at a time.

RR come back!