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Talk About Some.....Fast Movin! August 19 1975 MS

Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:51 pm

Heres my review track by track while listening

Also Sprach Zarathustra/See See Rider - Elvis starting the song in a good voice, altough i feel like im listening to the college park show (Not that i dont like it) But Elvis seems to be singing in the same way. Nonetheless, Its a good version and elvis is really enjoying himself!.

Elvis talks, about where he was when the intro came on and talking about some fast moving, and explains he was in the bathroom and that its the first time ever happening that to him, and talking about a football game he went to (August 8 if my memory is right, where the guy annoyingly asks for a car)

Blue Suede Shoes - Instead of i got a woman elvis starts with this song, Altough its not as in 1970/71, this song rocks alot better then the aloha version!, it's the first raretie for the night as elvis hardly performed this song in 1975.

Young And Beautiful - One of my favourites from Jailhouse Rock, elvis forgets the lyrics for just 1 sec, but continues in good voice noting the band doesnt know it (Altough rehearsed in '72) Great to hear and the second raretie for the night

Are You Lonesome Tonight - Back on the setlist since '72, Sitting on a stool just like in TTWII. Altough it sounds a bit distracted, and elvis jokes the usual line ''bold head, wished u had hair'' Its great thou hear this in '75 as its if i remember right the only live version of that year.

If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - Cool version, Elvis introduces it as ''Lets do that Olivia Newton John song'' Which makes me think if this was just elvis wanting to do it out of the blue. Elvis is into this version, And delivers fine vocal.

Softly As I Leave You - A song that elvis could never do wrong, Altough the story is not true elvis always believed it was, Elvis couldnt do it wrong simply because he was doing a recitation and sherill the singing ,But i always somehow liked this song.

It's Now Or Never - Sung by request, taken out of the request box elvis sings It's now or never without o sole mio!, Sounding great!

Polk Salad Annie - Cool version! Interesting setlist so far to!

Band introductions - Nothing interesting, Elvis sounds out of breath after he did polk salad u can hear him breath in and out.

James Burton Solo (Johnny Be Goode) - Awesome playing by JB, Elvis sounding fine altough it can't be compared to a year earlier. Elvis sings the first lines, James does his solo as u would think its a complete version, Sadley it aint. and after the mid solo JB Ends it.

Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - Kicking Ass drum solo By Ronnie, He's My favourite drummer!

Jerry Scheff Bass Solo - Cool solo.

Glen D Hardin Piano Solo. Awesome Playing, Lawdy miss clawdy in a lower tone then a year earlier, Elvis Just humming along with Say Hey, Allright Now.

Hail Hail Rock & Roll - One of my fav band solo's, And always wished it was much longer, As Joe's orchestra and JB's guitar are really awesome on here. Elvis should have sung the complete song. Instead of shortening it to 1 minute. But do those horns kick ass! Best version by the Orchestra i heard.

After some dialogues, and elvis asking if his daddy is there, And introduces him.

T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Cool Version, Elvis is rocking it and certainly its a highlight!

Why Me Lord - I Think a few seconds are missing between t-r-o-u-b-l-e as it immidiatly after the end of the song Cuts into Why Me Lord. Another one of those songs that elvis just couldnt sing a bad version from. Great gospel song and one of my faves.

Love Me Tender - Slow version, Sadley elvis is distracted as this could have been a very good version, aka 68 comeback style. Elvis talks more then he sings

All Shook Up - Standart version, Ok i guess

Love Me - Hmm, Performed late in the show, Cool version, strong version, but not jokingly-less. But cool nonetheless!

Hound Dog (With Reprise) - Requested by someone in the audience, Cool start! fine vocal, better then version from earlier this year. elvis is rocking it!. with a one liner of Are You Sincere at the end, then goin into the drum reprise, Great version!

My Boy - Another Request, Very sincere version Great and just before the closing song!, Awesome is all i can say! Elvis is really into this version!

Can't Help Falling In Love - before singing this elvis had to note, that elvis agrees with the statement made, that Elvis Presley audiences are the sweetest audiences in the world, Elvis sayd everything is for you (the fans) the suites and the Dog still humping back there lol. False start, elvis says this aint a rock and roll song, Do it slow fella's. So it gets slowed down a bit, And its a beautiful version, altough i still prefer the December 10 performance from this same year.

All in all a great show with some Great suprises, Elvis enjoyed himself and the audiences did to!, Really a enjoyable concert. 8 out of 10, i'd give it!
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Re: Talk About Some.....Fast Movin! August 19 1975 MS

Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:33 pm

Ty Johnny for review -Enjoy ya cd -
[b] ''Happy Listening ''

Elvis Rocks - so does this forum
::rocks [/b]
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Re: Talk About Some.....Fast Movin! August 19 1975 MS

Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:59 pm

Even though Elvis certainly is not in perfect health (just look at the pictures) and not at the peak of his powers, he's still in good voice and performs a solid show with some surprises regarding the selection of songs.

I have to admit that I always liked this show and I'm certainly looking forward to the improved version issued by TOUCHDOWN. :D