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Sun Apr 02, 2006 10:19 am

i'm sorry i could'nt send it to your email, so here it is

REVIEW OF 'The Greensboro Concert, APRIL 14, 1972

The first track of this great release is the theme
from the movie '2001:A Space Odessey', known as 'Also
Sprach Zarathrusta'. As the trumpets sound, the drums
pound, and the singers chant to the climax, you can
hear the anxious fans cheering enthusiastically. This
theme was PERFECT for Elvis, the piece of music
presented him as a god abpout to appear, and with the
sparkling jumpsuit and handsome face, he was

The frantic pounding of Ronnie Tutt on drums, and the
blaring intro to 'See See Rider' comes in. By now, you
can notice the great sound on this release. Then Elvis
appears, to the squeals and screams of his fans, as
thousands of flashbulb cameras goes off, and he is hit
by a deafening wall of screams and cheers. From the
first note to the last, his fans are with him. He
kicks off with a fair version of this rocker, and the
pace his band set for this show and this song is

Then Elvis briefly welcomes the audience, then comes
the response. 'Proud Mary' starts with a feedback, but
all is forgiven with Ronnie Tutts wild drum intro.
Elvis does a good version of this hit by Creedence
Clearwater Revival. The fans can be heard loud and
clear when Elvis, as seen in Elvis On Tour from the
April 18 show, when Elvis rolls his arm and hits the
air repeatedly

Then the great Spanish flavoured rocker 'Never Been To
Spain', originally done by band 'Three Dog Night'.The
song starts out nice and slowly, then REALLY kicks
into gear. When the band gets the ending a little
wrong, Elvis says 'we'll get the ending
right...someday', and they did in San Antonio, 4 days

'You Gave Me A Mountain' was the autobiography of
Elvis's life when he started singing it from 1972
onwards, and he and the band do an emotional,
THUNDEROUS version.You will truly appreciate the band
in this song. A fan screaming sets Elvis off for a
second, but he gets straight back in to it to do a
powerhouse ending

One of Elvis's latest singles was 'Until Its Time For
You To Go', the studio version was nice, but not an
overly good song of Elvis's, and it is the same here,
but it does make nice listening, as Elvis's sincerity
comes across clearly once again

'Polk Salad Annie'was always a song Elvis did well,
from the time he started doing it in 1970. But this
year, the spoken intro is well and truly gone,
shortening the song to under just three minutes. The
band are in great form, and Elvis's voice is tough,
deep, and very strong. For some strange reason on this
CD, the sound goes down a bit, which is a bit
distracting, but comes back up again for the cooking
thunderous finale of Elvis doing his punching and
kicking display

After this workout, Elvis lays down on the floor. He
jokes 'you folks just lay down there for a while, i'm
gonna stand here and look at the ceiling'. Then Elvis
shows off his rich, bass voice for the start of his
1956 hit, 'Love Me'. He finishes it off with a strong
high note
Then he is off in to a blaring version of the Number
one hit of 1957, 'All Shook Up', at just under a
minute long. Then a medley of two Number ones, 'Teddy
Bear' and 'Don't Be Cruel'. Fans of the fifties
would've no doubt enjoyed these, but Elvis throws them
off quickly and uninterestingly, but the high point is
when he at the ending, finishes it of with an
energetic yell

He says,'thank you, you're a fantastic audience, and
we have'nt even gotten in to the show yet'. Then he
introduces the next song as the song he sung from The
Ed Sullivan Show, shooting him from the waist up. 'I
was a weird kid, weird sideburns, and guitar. Still
doing the same thing'. Then he goes in to the song,
rather uninspiringly

Then he calls for 'Heartbreak Hotel', and goes in to a
good and slow, bluesy version. Then he kicks off in to
an energetic version of 'A Big Hunk Of Love'. Elvis
reintroduced this Number one hit from 1959 this year,
and its clear he likes doing the song

Then he does 'Bridge Over Troubled 'Water',as filmed
for Elvis On Tour. THIS is the true heart and soul of
Elvis Presley, watch his feeling being put through his
expressions, and the truth in his voice. Its an
amazing performance, that will send chills up your

Then Elvis does a rocking version of 'Suspicious
Minds'. During the slow part, Elvis says 'smile man,
you're on camera', thus indicating the MGM film crew
is filming as is clear in a little snippet from this
song, where Elvis is suprised by the camera and says
'sneaking up on me man'. Ronnie Tutt's drumming is
STRONG on this song. At the end, Elvis no doubt starts
karate kicking as Ronnie follows his moves with drum
beats, you can hear Elvis enthusiastically yelling,
and jokingly about to give the song a reprise

Next Elvis would usually introduce the band, as you'll
hear, the band were expecting that. But instead, Elvis
goes in to a lovely version of 'Love Me Tender. He
changes a lyric from
'i'll be yours through all the years, till the end of
'i'll be yours through all the years, till we lose our
A very quick and witty change

Then Elvis introduces the band

Then he goes in to a beautiful version of 'For The
Good Times', another autobiographical break up song.
Elvis performed this through out 1972, but the
recorded studio master weeks earlier was not released
for more than 20 years!

Then Elvis does 'An American Trilogy', recorded for
Elvis On Tour. The crowd roars when this song begins.
When the second song 'Battle Of The Hymn Republic'
begins, Elvis is totally in to the song and its
feelings. His tenderness comes out in the third song,
'All My Trials', his eyes closed, feeling the songs
emotions. Then when the orchestra performs their solo,
Elvis can be seen and heard yelling support. Then as
he holds his cape tight, his face contorted tight in
emotion, Elvis hits a high spine chilling last note.
The expression on his face is priceless, and a
legendary piece to watch

Then Elvis does the first EVER live version of
'Burning 'Love', and fora first live version, it is
great! The version featured on Elvis On Tour 4 days
later should'nt have been shown, this is good stuff!
There is no solo, like the later versions, but the
ending is really energetic, and a real ride, but the
band, as can be heard, can not get the ending right.
But GOOD for a first live version

Then Elvis sings a rare version of 'Release Me',
though it is very laid back compared to the versions
from Las Vegas in February 1970. It is recorded and
found on The Lost Performances, unfortunately not in
distribution anymore, but if you see a chance for a
copy, don't miss out!

Then Elvis asks the crew to turn the house lights up
for 'Funny How Time Slips Away', as featured on Elvis
On Tour. It is here, Elvis's charismatic control on
the crowd is truly seen

Then the final song, 'Can't Help Falling In Love', and
then came the announcement that 'Elvis has left the

This CD is a great listen, Elvis is in a good mood,
strong voice, and the sound is fantastic! His setlist
for this show is a little different as well from other
shows, and it shows that 1972 was a great year for
Elvis in concert. this CD is a great listen, and a
worthy purchase

*** out of *****


Wed Jul 26, 2006 12:41 pm

A Very god review Scott .

i enjoyed reading your review.

keep it up my friend . :wink:

Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:11 pm

Thanks Karlos 8)


Wed Jul 26, 2006 5:54 pm

Good review but...

Scott Haigh 781990EP wrote: a
worthy purchase


:lol: C'mon...


Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:15 pm

Scott Haigh 781990EP wrote:this CD is a great listen, and a worthy purchase

What did you think of the booklet that came with it?


Wed Jul 26, 2006 8:15 pm

Rob wrote:What did you think of the booklet that came with it?

Rob, you're too keen.


Thu Jul 27, 2006 4:23 pm

Rob wrote:
Scott Haigh 781990EP wrote:this CD is a great listen, and a worthy purchase

What did you think of the booklet that came with it?

He may have bought the Digipak version of course!! :wink:

Wed Aug 02, 2006 3:12 am

I really like "Greensboro Concert", you know why? It was my VERY first import ... :-)


Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:30 pm

The Greensboro April 14th '72 - to me as a fan is one of the best shows that Elvis did during his April "72 tours .

Previously he was playing Vegas but being on tour gave the fans who couldnt venture into Vegas due to their status gave them a chance to see the King play in their hometowns .

I just hope and pray that there will be more footage from this show for all to enjoy

*(Maybe an Elvis On Tour _ Deluxe Edition with 5 dvds and 6 cds - wont go a miss - ) just like TTWII that was released in the past* for the fans to collect .

"Let Us Pray " (Sorry for the pun ) for this to happen :smt006

::rocks ::rocks


Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:06 pm

Ah, yes. Elvis jr as he once called himself. A blast from the past.

Nothing like a review from 11 years ago.