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June Carter Cash Dies

Fri May 16, 2003 6:23 pm

I was saddened to hear about the death of June Carter Cash today. She was truly a good-hearted person, as well as a pretty good entertainer during her time. Plus, her support for her husband Johnny Cash could possibly be what saved his life from a sure death from drug addiction.

Sun May 18, 2003 5:24 pm

I read this now and am baffled, I didn't read this elsewhere. I am truly saddened by this as I am a big Johnny Cash and Carter Family fan. June was a warm, open-minded and caring person who supported Johnny throughout his life and carreer and saved him more than once. In the later 60s she was the main reason for him to get his act together with the now famous results: the At Folsom Prison 1968 and At San Quentin 1969 concerts, available on cd now in upgraded editions.

These are among the best concerts you'll ever find on anyone. Not owning these albums is a crime. Check out the sexy Cash-Carter duets on "Jackson" and "Darling Companion". I can only imagine how Johnny must feel now she's gone. It's a terrible loss not only for him but for popular culture and the music industry.

Rest in Peace, June Carter Cash. Thanks for the music. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Sun May 18, 2003 6:53 pm


Mon May 19, 2003 3:46 am

The visitation for June was Friday and Sat. The funeral was today (Sunday) in Hendersonville, Tn. where Johnny and June lived. It was opened to the public.

I hate to say this, but as so often happens with couples that have been married for a long time and as close as Johnny and June we're, when one passes away the other tends to sorta give up and they pass away not long after. I have known many people like this.

My wife's parent's died six months apart.

Johnny Cash is not in good health as it is. He has been in and out of the hospital here in Nashville alot lately.

All I can say is PRAY for Johnny Cash.