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Fri May 16, 2003 3:03 am

:cry: goodbye june carter cash we'll miss you.

Fri May 16, 2003 3:31 am

same here that is sad news :cry:

and she will be missed.

curtis simpkins

Fri May 16, 2003 4:05 am

WSM-am radio (Nashville) is doing a tribute to June Carter Cash tonight.

Johnny and the children we're at her side when she died. Very sad. :cry:

Fri May 16, 2003 4:06 am

Who would have thought she would go before Johnny? Indeed, a sad day.

sad news

Fri May 16, 2003 5:35 am

this is sad news. my thoughts are with the cash family.
many times johnny cash credited june with saving his life.
i hope he can survive this loss.

Fri May 16, 2003 6:24 am

This is the first I've heard of this sad news..
May she rest in peace.

Fri May 16, 2003 10:02 am

oh no, I did not know this. Very, very sad. Will Johnny be able to go on now?