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Where is Ohnono ?

Wed May 14, 2003 10:03 pm

It is "myth" that he's an endless source for invaluable elvis trivia and information.

His original gripe with me - the thorn that sticks in his crawl - is that I caught him making a factual mistake
long long ago. He rushed to post his classic "your ignorance . . . " and he didn't realize I was right -
and he had forgotten a factoid - egad! a true scholar would have remembered

and it must still eat at him.

On the BillBlack-ElvisPhoto Thread on the All-Elvis Forum (yes, he dictates his commands to me there too; not just OT)
a few people read his rude vile "go away" posts and two members even told him to back off and to apologize,

woodleyjohn wrote:JC, you're out of order and offensive.

Scatter wrote:Uncalled for JC. You owe him an apology...

Doc totally glosses over those posts and ignores them like he's King Special sh*t of the Mb.
He probably ignores those members' complaints because:
A) They're "newbies" and he's the untouchable wizened senior member here
B) He thinks all the usernames are me

The guy (doc) is being very stupid in willfully choosing to be such a domineering arrogant jerk
because it could create a new behavioral precedent.

Being an Assh0le online . .. may cause you to get your ass kicked offline.

He may be in Memphis or somewhere and bragging that he's the "Doc" and the wrong person overhears him
and whips his ass right there on the spot - or worse.

He ain't too bright. Really.

There's always that chance that as throngs of people rush to him for an in-person autograph from the great "drjohncarpenter"
there will be someone (or more) rushing him with ready fist.

The guy ain't on the right course for self-designed internet celebrity.
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Wed May 14, 2003 10:10 pm

Graceland Gardener -

He is on the 'Memberlist' - joined on 16th April.

Colin B