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Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:19 am

I finally got around to watching the English language adaption of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I was shocked by how good it is!! I must say, I didn't expect it to be anywhere near as good as the Swedish version from 2009.

I still would have the Swedish version SLIGHTLY ahead - but I like the way the English version covers some other aspects of the book, such as the cat companionship and the more downbeat, and very realistic, ending which were lacking in Sweden's adaption.

I wonder why they haven't followed through with the two sequels??

And the actress who plays the title role is quite marvellous!

Re: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:49 pm

I thought David Fincher done a fine job with his version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He doesn't better Niels Arden Oplev's 2009 film, but with a smartly-written screenplay by Steven Zaillian, Fincher manages to create a film that works as a welcome companion piece to its Swedish counterpart. The altered ending is just one aspect that works tremendously well, although the mood is similar, with a wintry palette and a cold cinematography that evokes a frosty sense of place despite the English language prevailing. Fincher is certainly at home with this kind of material, having excelled with Se7en and impressed with Zodiac. He's expert at exploring the darker aspects of human emotions and doing so within the type of narrative that delves into profound brutality of the physical and emotional kind. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is undoubtedly difficult material, and despite the nuts and bolts of the story being very much in the Agatha Christie tradition of whodunit, Fincher refrains from leering or seeking to eroticise the sex and violence by holding tight to a compelling story. Importantly, he also assembled a fine cast, especially Rooney Mara, whose Lisbeth Salander is damaged and vulnerable, but acutely intelligent and quite tender beneath the leather, piercings and nominal tattoo. Mara, quite impressively, manages to reveal new aspects within her character without leaning towards Noomi Rapace's brilliant performance in Oplev's film as a reference point; there is some familiarity, but despite this, Salander is someone we get to know again through Mara's performance. Daniel Craig was also an assured choice as Mikael Blomkvist, although he lacks some of the everyman qualities and outwardly uncomfortable traits and mannerisms present in Michael Nyqvist's performance. However, Craig does bring a quiet confidence to Blomkvist, revealing moments of wry panache with a look, a smirk or touches of humour that find him on similarly contained ground to that of his performance in the lesser-known and underrated Flashbacks of a Fool. It's also great to see Christopher Plummer still finding good roles at this stage of his career, whilst Stellan Skaarsgard is always a welcome presence and adds a touch of Scandinavian authenticity as one of the few Swedes in a central role. From what I understand, Steven Zaillian has been working on a screenplay for The Girl Who Played With Fire, but David Fincher isn't involved -- this seems to be holding back the prospect of completing the Millennium Trilogy, because Mara and Craig seem interested, other commitments permitting. Fincher's film was a strong performer at the North American and international box office, and with the benefit of a ready-made audience and Craig's increasing popularity, it would be quite surprising if the sequel isn't made.

Re: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:39 pm

From what I've heard they are in the early stages of making sequel.

Re: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:36 am

Enjoyed your thoughts there grey!!

There are enough differences to enjoy both films in much the same way as I love Vanilla Sky and also love Abre Los Ojos.

When remakes are this good - and kinda fall under the category of "alternate adaption of..", then I'm all for them!

Re: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:51 am

Didn't like the english version, maybe one reason for it is Daniel Craig.

Re: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Thu Feb 13, 2014 3:41 pm

Agree Andy ,a fine alternate adaption