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Donna Presley Early

Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:26 am

I started a Facebook group which I'd love everyone to join called Elvis Interviews and Documentaries - I posted the book Precious Memories by Donna Presley Early and said how the book was a sham. And that she and her husband were con artists. It is one the VERY few books I couldn't bear to buy - and one person said how do I know it's a pile of rubbish if I didn't read it

I posted links of scams online that they had carried out. One of the members is spectacle - remember him. I read now members of The Kings Court Forum warned him they were con artists but because they were hospitable to him he didn't believe them

If anyone has any extra info I can use to show how despicable these people are and now Donna barely knew Elvis I'd be grateful -I searched the forum but couldn't find any mention of the book or them

join the group and get involved in debate