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Roberto Carlos' Xmas special "40 Years Together" on TV Globo

Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:13 am

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"Varieties> 11/25/2013 15:30

Roberto Carlos celebrates decades of success in the globe with special '40 years. Together '

Roberto Carlos

Each year, a new format, a new story. And so, four decades ago, the special year-end Roberto Carlos plays the audience with a show full of emotion and music that marked generations. Hits like 'Jalopy', 'Saints Road', 'I Know I propose', among others, packed nights of the viewers and were on the list of songs from the first special of King in Globe, aired on December 25, 1974. Since then, the lure of Christmas marks the Brazilian families and collect memorable moments, bringing together the greats of country music artists and key of the issuer.

In 2013, the special "40. Together" celebrates the wedding of Ruby this successful partnership between the performer, the broadcaster and the public with a gala evening. The show was recorded in the City of Arts in Rio de Janeiro, in the last 23 days - about 1200 guests were part of the party and were thrilled with the encounters and surprises of the show.

The King opened the show singing "Emotions". "It's amazing to be here.'s Always like the first time," he said. The first guest was Lulu, who played "The road curves of Saints." Beside the King, sang one of her big hits "Like A Wave". Then it was the turn of Anitta who sang "Look", "Show the Powerful" and "If You Think" with Roberto. Could not miss the participation of Erasmo Carlos - the eternal "Tremendão" next friend sang one of the songs they made ​​together, "Beyond the Horizon", which gained new version for the opening of the seven novel of the same name to.

The special "40. Together" is scheduled to air on the 25th of December to the subscribers of the Americas, 26 in Asia and the 27th of December to Africa and Europe."