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Does Bigfoot REALLY exist?

Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:15 pm ... -1.1473883

Bigfoot’s existence backed by DNA, video, say Sasquatch Genome Project researchers

Various DNA samples and video footage of an alleged Bigfoot sleeping in the Kentucky woods has been presented this week by researchers in Texas who say it all belongs to a ‘human hybrid.’

By Nina Golgowski / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 11:53 AM

A group of Bigfoot researchers say break-through DNA evidence and video like this one allegedly showing a female Sasquatch sleeping in the woods proves Bigfoot's existance.

Bigfoot is real, and there's now both DNA and video evidence to prove it, says one devout research group.

Never-before-seen footage of an alleged Bigfoot creature sleeping in the woods of Kentucky has been presented this week among various blood and hair samples said to be unlike anything seen before.

Possibly supporting that claim are 11 outside laboratories and universities that personally reviewed the findings while blind to the samples they were given according to the report by the Sasquatch Genome Project.

"We want people to understand that this is a serious study," Dr. Melba Ketchum, a genetics scientist, who led the project during the course of the five-year study, told CBS DFW.

Others, however, are challenging Ketchum's credibility, including New York University, which Ketchum claims she has worked with in her research. NYU denies ever collaborating with Ketchum.

A tissue sample believed by the researchers to have been taken from a real-life Bigfoot is seen. The hair is described as far more coarse like a horse's than a human's.

Among the genetic and visual findings presented by the group in Dallas on Tuesday is video of what is described as "a reddish brown Sasquatch juvenile" sleeping in the woods after being tracked with her mother.

The juvenile is said to be just one of many witnessed and filmed in person by the researchers.

Other findings presented in the report first published in February include photos of coarse horse-like hair and at least one tissue sample believed by the group to be from an actual Sasquatch.

Another photo appears to show "fresh" drops of blood and large marks from "fangs" said to have punctured a metal downspout, according to the report.

"(A)pproximately one hundred and thirteen separate samples of hair, blood, mucus, toenail, bark scrapings, saliva and skin with hair and subcutaneous tissue attached were submitted by dozens of individuals and groups from thirty four separate hominin collection sites around North America," the report explains.

Samples of hair collected from this wooden structure in the woods is said to have contained a never-before-seen genetic structure that is said to be human.

Through a generous $500,000 donation by Bigfoot believer and businessman Adrian Erickson, the researchers say they were able to scientifically analyze all samples collected.

Labs said to have received them for study included the University of Texas Southwestern, the North Louisiana Crime lab and NYU.

But a rep from NYU tells The News that the university never dealt with Ketchum or accepted any data or samples from the Bigfoot Genome Project.

"They didn't know what they were testing," Ketchum told the Daily News Wednesday by phone of the samples sent out. "I have one email from a tester saying 'what have you done, discovered a new species?'"

Though all of the samples turned out to be human, according to Ketchum, when the samples were broadened into genome sequences, some parts of the DNA were found to be identical to no other species previously known to man.

A microscopic hair examination shows a variety of hair shaft profiles found. The full length of the hairs was approximately 15 cm and diameters ranged from 80 to 110 µm. Human head hairs typically range from 55 to 100 µm in diameter.

Instead what they say they've discovered is what they're calling a genetic hybrid that breaks what scientists once believed about evolution.

This new specifies according to Ketchum "originated from modern human females."

"We have more data in our paper than ever done before to prove a new species but basic science doesn't like the results," said Ketchum who admits to once never believing in the existence of Bigfoot herself.

Previous arguments made against Ketchum's findings include her samples' possible contamination by their collectors - intentional or otherwise.

That's an idea she vehemently denies.

Scott Carpenter/via YouTube

Dr. Melba Ketchum (r.) with members of the Sasquatch Genome Project. The group accuses mainstream science of being unable to ‘tolerate something controversial.’

"If you have a contamination you're going to have one profile overlapping over a second profile," she said. "We do not have that in any samples of the study."

Instead she says all samples were provided by credible sources with the understanding of the proper method of sample collection. Hair samples were further washed to prevent contamination, she said.

But despite what Ketchum and her team believe without the slightest doubt to be credible evidence - some said to have been personally collected after trailing them in the field - she says she understands why her findings may be refused by many.

"The scientific community doesn't know what to do with this new find. I call it the Galileo effect," she said.

Still, in order to protect these creatures that are commonly refered to as "monsters" and even actively hunted by some, perhaps it's for the better, she said.

"The whole point of this is that these are a type of people and they have culture and there's plenty of evidence of this effect ... they should have rights like we have," she argued. "They're not going to collect welfare and they're not going to be a social burden but they don't need to be hunted or even harassed."


Re: Does Bigfoot REALLY exist?

Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:14 pm


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Re: Does Bigfoot REALLY exist?

Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:35 am

Good one Andy! :lol: