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Silent Film Blog Updates

Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:46 am

For those of you interested in early cinema, there have been a number of updates over the last couple of months to my ongoing blog. I thought the following might be of interest to some of you:

Firstly, the latest post, which is about Danish actress Asta Nielsen. We have been told over the years by historians that Nielsen was the very first international movie star, but my examination of trade journals, newspapers and magazines from the 1910s shows that Asta's attempt to conquer America didn't quite take place in the way we have been led to believe:

This one is an entry for an ebook which I hope to publish later this year which highlights films for the "silent novice". I often see people in forums and facebook groups saying they have seen their first silent film and want to know what they should watch next. The problem is that the advice they get is often to see Battleship Potemkin or The Passion of Joan of Arc. Both great films, but most people don't want to see art films, they want entertainment. So, the aim of my book is to highlight a hundred or so films that someone new to silent film should check out. Anyhow, this is an early draft for the entry from the book for Tell It To The Marines, starring Lon Chaney.

The following one pulls together advertisements and still from the lost films of Clara Bow.

Finally, a blogpost that got me involved in arguments that made my ones on here look like child's play, due to people's misunderstanding of the word "homoerotic"! This is about a series of short comedy films called The Collegians (1926-1929)

All visual materials used in the Clara Bow, Tell It To The Marines and Asta Nielsen posts are courtesy of the Media History Digital Library.