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Flash TV show coming to CW in the Fall of 2014

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CW goes back to the future with rebooted comic superhero
•Last Updated: 10:51 AM, August 1, 2013
•Posted: 10:42 PM, July 31, 2013

Iconic DC Comics figure The Flash will be born again in the upcoming season of “Arrow” on the CW.

The character will be appear in three episodes — Nos. 8, 9 and 20 — before getting his own spinoff in the fall of 2014.

The role of “The Flash,” aka Barry Allen, has not been cast, but “Arrow” co-creator Andrew Kreisberg told reporters that he will seem like “an ordinary man” when viewers first meet him.

“The character will be as grounded and realistic as possible,” Kreisberg said. “That’s how we’ll get to know him. Then his life will get a bit faster.

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John Wesley Shipp as “The Flash” on CBS. Top: the DC Comics original.

“It will be fun for the audience to see how we do our take on The Flash’s powers,” Kreisberg said. “Some will feel very familiar to those who know the comics, and other stuff will feel different yet fresh and exciting.”

“That said, he does need powers to become The Flash,” said co-creator Greg Berlanti, who said The Flash was his favorite comic-book character as a boy.

“And he will be The Flash. He will wear a red costume, and he will go by that name.”

In the DC Comics version, Barry Allen was a police scientist who, after being exposed to a chemical spill, developed super speed.

“There’s something very relatable about Barry. He got his powers by accident, they just sort of came to him,” Kreisberg said. “He also isn’t a dark and tortured soul.”

In the wake of “Smallville,” the CW has been looking to build a wider male viewership “We do want to expand upon the DC universe,” network president Mark Pedowitz explained. “We think they’re rich characters we can use, and this is an organic way of doing it.”

This isn’t the first time that “The Flash” has been adapted to TV. In 1990, it was a prime-time series on CBS starring John Wesley Shipp (“Dawson’s Creek”) as Barry Allen and Amanda Pays as his love interest.

That version, however, lasted only one season.