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Andrew Dice Clay In 'Blue Jasmine': How Famed Stand-Up Comic Wound Up With Woody Allen

By LYNN ELBER 07/19/13 04:22 PM ET EDT AP

Andrew Dice Clay stars in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine."

LOS ANGELES -- Andrew Dice Clay is on a roll. Or as the comedian sees it, enjoying a resurgence.

He's in Woody Allen's latest movie, "Blue Jasmine"; will judge a new syndicated TV talent show and see his autobiography published next spring, and is collaborating on a documentary about his life and career with "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin.

Add to that his guest shot on "Entourage" in its final season in 2011 and last December's Showtime standup special, "Andrew Dice Clay: Indestructible," and it sounds like a comeback for Clay, 55, after a fallow period that included a brief 2009 stint on "Celebrity Apprentice."

He looks at it otherwise.

"I've always done things a little differently," said Clay, who became both popular and polarizing in the 1980s with his profane, raw standup routines, especially those with women as the topic.

Clay was so controversial – so misogynistic, angry detractors said – that his 1990 appearance as "Saturday Night Live" host prompted boycotts by series cast member Nora Dunn and scheduled musical guest Sinead O'Connor.

He hasn't lost his onstage edge, still essaying the Diceman persona that he calls the "ultimate rock and roll standup comedic hero," one that's equal parts swagger, black leather and middle-age pompadour. But Clay suggests that the culture is so altered that it's caught up with him, putting him in a different light.

Women "have become the aggressors," he said. "When I say they're the most aggressive piglets ever, I don't say that with disrespect. I waited for this generation."

In conversation, Clay is so polite that before he introduces a racy thought he assures the listener that it's part of his onstage material, not rudeness.

He's eager to talk about his sons, Max, 22, and Dylan, 18, who Clay says took center stage in his life after he went through a divorce about a decade ago. Both boys are pursuing entertainment industry careers and, together, have a band called L.A. Rocks.

"I felt it was really more important to raise my sons properly than make career moves," Clay said. "I did the clubs, did theater, but didn't make any kind of moves to have this resurgence until they were old enough."

The Diceman as devoted dad?

"My persona is one thing. Who I am off stage as a human being is really different," said Clay. He's a relative newlywed, married three years to Valerie Vasquez, 29 ("I'm crazy about her").

Allen spotted him on "Entourage," Clay said, leading to his role as a divorced blue-collar dad in "Blue Jasmine," which has been singled out by some critics (Variety called him "an especially offbeat and rewarding casting choice").

Clay, who's pursued both acting and standup, was so delighted by the chance to work with Allen and beside stars Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin that he agreed to let his hair go gray for the part.

"I said, `You don't have to ask me twice. I'll hate it, but if it's good for the movie I'll do it,'" Clay recounted.

Next May, he's set to co-produce and judge "The Big Big Show," which Clay calls a cross between "American Idol" and "The Gong Show," and which will include his buddy Tom Green on the panel.

Also scheduled for spring 2014 is his autobiography, "The Filthy Truth," from Simon & Schuster and co-authored by David Ritz, who's written books with Ray Charles, Etta James and Don Rickles.

Clay just keeps going with the rollercoaster ride.

"It's just been in me since I was young. I've never given up on who I am, I've never forgotten where I come from, Brooklyn, N.Y., or how I was brought up. My fighter inside me, my belief and my drive, never goes away."

Lynn Elber is a national television columnist for The Associated Press. She can be reached at and on .

Re: Andrew "Dice" Clay Huffington Post article

Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:22 pm

Dice is a freakin comedy legend. His interview on CNN 10 years ago was hilarious. Don't mess with the Dice. Nuff said.

Re: Andrew "Dice" Clay Huffington Post article

Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:03 pm

He was on Howard Stern this week . . . great interview.

Re: Andrew "Dice" Clay Huffington Post article

Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:53 am

After clicking this link:

Scroll down till you see:

Andrew Dice Clay Visits. 07/22/13. 8:00am

After the break we heard a prank call Sal and Richard made to a repair shop using clips of Richard shitting as the sounds of the car failing to start. Fred also played David Bowie's ''Young American's'', with some clips of Gary playing trumpet played over it, as they were coming back.
Howard came back and said that Jerry Sandusky's son is going to change his name to something other than Sandusky.
Howard said that his name is Matt Sandusky and he should try Dell'Abate but without the apostrophe. Howard said he could just be Matt Dellabate. Howard said maybe Paula Deen should try that too. Howard said George Zimmerman should change his name to Bin Laden. Howard said he could change it to Howard Stern but he might be even more hated. Howard said there's also that Captain Sum Ting Wong or maybe Hugh Jassole.

Howard said that he was thinking about this Detroit bankruptcy thing. He said hew worked there for 9 months. He said the suburbs of Detroit are doing just fine. He said that the city has filed for bankruptcy. He said he and Robin are thinking about buying it. Howard said JD Harmeyer is wealthier than Detroit. Howard said his spoon collection could buy it. Howard said that's something to think about.

Howard said he was reading about Dice in Playboy and it's a great article. Howard said he's on a roll right now. He's going to be in the new Woody Allen movie. Howard said years ago he'd call Dice and he was working out at a track and just eating Tuna. Howard asked how he's been working out. Dice said this has been going on for the past 3 years now. He said he got in shape for an appearance on Entourage and he stuck with it. Dice said he's doing heavy reps now. Dice said he can bench a couple hundred pounds. Howard said that's a lot. Dice said it's not that much. Howard said he does 95 pounds and does it 10 times.

Dice said he was trained by a guy years ago and he was the guy who trained Stallone for the Rocky movies. He said that he taught him how to train for his own body. Howard said that the up and down with the weight is very bad. Howard said he had gotten very heavy. Dice said he took off over 40 pounds over the past 3 years. Howard said that when your career is going well you slim down. Dice said that's what happens.

Howard asked if his net worth is 1 million now. Dice said yeah. Howard asked if he's counted the money he's made in his career. Dice said it was big back in the day. He said that he really doesn't care. He said his life wasn't about money. He said he knows with fame you make money.

Dice told Howard that all of the comics today feel like they haven't made it if thy don't sell out like he did back in the day. Howard said Dice was entertaining to watch and he was an original. Howard said today he'll go see a comedian and it's just the guy talking. Howard said Dice was in that character and he was off the friendly wall with that. Dice said that his influences weren't really comics. Dice said he was going to use that stage for creating persona. He said he wanted to give people a full show. Howard asked when he knew the Dice character clicked. Dice said it was in 83 or 84 or so. Dice said that he was with his girl Trini when he came up with the gay material. He told Howard some of the jokes he was doing back then and had Robin laughing. Howard asked if he was doing a Travolta impression when he came up with Dice. Dice said he had done a bunch of characters and he did a Jerry Lewis impression and did some of that for Howard. He said he was into the Nutty Professor and that was it. He said he didn't care about anything else he did.

Howard said Dice is a pretty good drummer too. Dice said he was okay. He said he couldn't have made it big. Dice said that he wasn't a great rock drummer. He said his son Max is a drummer and he's really good. He said that he's in his movie ''Indestructible.''

Dice said he has his son's band's CD and they're good. He said that he's going to take the CD to a few shows and play a track. Howard asked if Rock is dead. Dice said it has been for a while. He said that these kids know a lot of different kinds of music. Dice said his youngest was playing at 14 and record companies were coming to him and asking him to play professionally. He said his kid went to school and got out of it for a while. Then he started playing again about 6 months before the taping of his special. He said it's been a family thing.

Howard said he knows that Dice used to gamble a lot. Dice said he didn't do that for 10 years. Howard asked if he worried about his kids. Dice said he would go out and lose 200,000 and then go and win 700,000 the next day. He said that he once lost 700,000 a day for 3 straight days. Howard said he could have invested that money and he would have had so much money. Howard said he could have had a great nest egg. Dice said that Howard is stuck on the money thing. Dice said he's making money now and he'll save it. Dice asked if Howard bought anything he wanted when he started making money. Howard said he did buy a house but that's an investment. Howard said that Dice could have saved so much. Dice said he's doing fine now.

Howard asked Dice about this Woody Allen movie and what that was like. Howard said you don't do that for financial gain. Dice said that's true. He said he was there doing Westbury and his manager said Woody Allen wanted to meet him. He said he thought he was joking around. Dice said he never thought they would blend together. Dice said when he went into that meeting he let Woody know that he was meeting Andrew and not Dice. He said he figure the guy had only seen him as that persona.

Dice said everyone was relaxed in the meeting. He said that he told Woody that Dice wasn't in the room and everyone was very cool with him. Howard said that this is a big deal for Dice.

Howard said that he heard a story about Dice when he was kind of hot in L.A. and he got invited to some roast. Dice said that's where his nerves were. Dice said that he has a book coming out called ''The Filthy Truth.'' Howard said he's been saying that for 5 years now. Dice said it's really happening now. Dice said that he was playing big places and people were trying to get him. He said he got a call from Barry Josephson. He said they had a Big Brothers event at a hotel. He said that Barry told him they wanted him there. Dice said that his manager Sandy got on the phone and told him he didn't think they'd bring him up there that night. He said that he was hot and if he went up and bombed then that was going to be it. Things would be over. Dice said that Rob Reiner was there at the roast and they had all of these big names there. He said they were the biggest guys in the business. Dice said he got a hold of his father and his father told him to just go in and do it and don't hold back. Dice said he was in his motorcycle jacket while everyone else was in their black tie.

Dice said that these guys were going up and telling their stories and it was a great show. He said that Carl Reiner started introducing something about the Bush Administration and then he brings up Dice Clay. Dice said he went up there and he smacked Jack Lemon in the head like ''Ah, ya bastard.'' Dice said that he smacked the guy after no one had touched the guy in 20 years. Dice said he lit his cigarette and waited through the silence. He said he was used to doing that at the Comedy Store. Dice said he looked at Carl Reiner and took a puff. Then he said he has a cute little story to tell. Then he says ''I had my tongue up this chick's ass...'' and the crowd was laughing. He said that they couldn't believe what they were hearing. Dice said he started talking to Sidney Poitier about big dicks and told him to slap that thing up there. He said they were having a great time. He said he was killing and destroying that night. Dice said he was nervous walking up there but he just let them have it. Dice said he was shaking inside. He said Carl got back up there and said he didn't know what happened just now but he's seeing old guys laughing and Andrew Dice Clay had just become a star. Dice said it took everything not to cry like a baby after hearing that.

Howard asked if Sandy was there. Dice said he wasn't there. He said Barry was there though. Dice said that Barry told him he didn't know what had just happened there. Dice said he actually did know.

Dice said after he got off stage that night Gary Shandling got up and he's a putz. He said his opening line was ''I always liked following Dice at the Comedy Store...'' and all he got was crickets. He said you didn't hear from him for 5 years after that. Then he got the Larry Sanders show. Dice said Red Buttons got up next and ripped him apart but in a good way.

Howard asked why he's down on Gary Shandling. Dice said that he asked if he could do the Larry Sanders show but Gary told him he wanted to see what Leno was going to do. He said the guy was a putz.

Howard said Whitney Cummings was in there talking about how people treated her when she got her TV show. Dice said that comics are not family. He said once you start doing well they'll hate you. He said that's what he's taught his son. Howard said that Dice must have gone through that. Dice said that Belzer was one. He said that he was doing a campaign against him. Dice said that he told Belzer to tell it to his face if he had something to say. Dice said that's how these guys are.

Howard asked Dice about the Woody Allen thing and how it was going into the room with him. Dice said Howard told him to do this. He said that he told him that he was going to build his career again and that's what he did. Howard said he remembers that.

Howard asked Dice about being in the room with Woody and if it's the most intimidating thing. Howard asked if he handed him some pages to read or what. Dice said that he wanted to go find some box with Woody and go bang some out together. He was just joking. Howard asked if he saw him on Entourage. Dice said that's what he heard.

Dice said he lost vision in his left eye a few years ago. He said he had to have some work done on the eye and it's working now. He said that it was a problem with his retina. Dice said that he did 11 shows with that vision problem. He said that most people fold and go into a deep depression. He said the doctor told him he went the opposite way. Howard asked why he lost the sight. Dice said it can happen to anyone. He said that the chances of it happening in the other eye are like 1 in 20 million.

Dice said that he has the same thing that Barbara Streisand has with her eye. He said that he used to make fun of her for that so this must be payback.

Dice said he wears the sunglasses to cover that up now. He said in the Woody movie he had to take his glasses off. He said he and Woody had a discussion about that and they bonded over that. Dice said that Woody told him about this movie he was doing and asked him to read a few pages. He told him to just read it and not have any background on the character. Dice said that it was all about a feel. He said you either feel it or not.

Dice said he read the lines and said he was ready. He said he went back into the room and did the read with Woody just hanging out in there. He said that Woody told him that he did perfect after he read the lines. Dice said he told Woody he'd see him on the set and took off. He said that you just leave your balls on the table when you do a read. He said you do the very best you can.

Howard said he wants to see 3 seconds of that audition. Dice said that he has to try and remember what the scene was. Dice said he doesn't remember what scene it was. Dice told Howard what the character was.

Dice said he was working with Kate Blanchett and Peter Sarsgaard. He said he went over to them and said that he couldn't believe he was working with them. He said they said they felt the same way. Dice said tonight is the premiere of the movie and the Wall Street Journal did a half page article about him. He said that it's a really big deal right now. He said he's not even the star of the movie. He said he's in a nice part of it. He said Alec Baldwin is the star. He said that Alec was great and they got along very well. He said that he wasn't affected at all.

Dice said that Woody will say if he doesn't like something. He said that he asked to ad-lib in one part and Woody asked him not to curse. Dice said he took his son Max with him to San Francisco when they shot there. He said that he'd ask his son for his opinion after takes. Howard asked him why he needs someone to tell him that. Dice said that Woody doesn't tell you how to do something. He said he lets the actor find what they want.

Dice said that he had an idea for a scene and told Woody about it. He said that he told him that they have all of the sunlight he needs on the pier. He said that they could shoot it out there but he just had to eat. Woody told him that would work. He said that Woody doesn't have that ego that makes him think that this is his set and there are no different ways.

Howard asked Dice if they ever went down to the set and rehearsed. Dice said they didn't rehearse that much. He said the guy is amazing and he just gets those natural performances. Dice said Howard knows what he's doing with his thing and so does Woody. He said Woody will get rid of someone if they're not doing a good job.

Howard asked Dice what he's wearing to the premiere. Dice said he won't be wearing leather. He said he may be wearing gloves though.

Howard said that Dice has a lot going on right now. Dice said he has this movie and he has a podcast too. Dice said they have over 200,000 followers. He said that it's only been going on for a few months now. He said they do an hour or so and he does it with Michael ''Wheels'' Parissi. He said you can get it on iTunes or on their web site

Howard asked Dice how the whole set up works for the podcast. Dice said they go all over and do it. He said that Howard knows all about it. Howard said Adam was just in there talking about his. Dice said he just did Adam's podcast a few weeks ago. He said Joe Rogan told him to do one and he would be huge. Dice said that's when he got into it. He said Wheels started his own podcast just to get him to do it with him. He said it was easy and fun so they got into it. Dice said when they started this thing he wasn't sure it would work. He said people just started freaking out because there are no rules at all.

Dice said he has to talk to Howard about this. Dice said that he'll say ''We'll be right back'' like Howard does but he has nothing to come back from. Dice said that he needs some tips from Howard. Howard said that he'll just get on the air and say good morning or whatever comes up. Howard told him to say ''Hey Now'' like he does. Howard said that he'll come on and just say Hey Now for a minute and then start a discussion. He said he can talk about his day or something. Howard said Dice knows what to do.

Howard asked where the best place to play as a comic is. Dice said that he's had pressure on him recently. He said that they want him to do an arena again. He said he doesn't think he's ready yet. He said clubs are the best for comics. Dice said that he has his favorites like Governor's on Long Island. He said that room is great. Dice said that place is great because it's wide but not deep. He said you need those laughs coming back into your face. He said the acoustics are important.

Howard said that Howie Mandel told him that Radio City music Hall was his favorite. Dice said that Nassau Coliseum was great in that way. He said the worst sounding was the Meadowlands. He said that place was the biggest one too though.

Dice told Howard that his Dice character is all theater. He said some guys don't understand that. He said he talked to Chris Rock before he did Bring The Pain. He said that he told him that he had to keep moving on stage. He said he told him about the pacing and he made it work in his own way. Dice said that he saw Rock at the Comedy Store one night and he asked him what he was up to. He said Chris told him he was doing another HBO special and wondered how many more they'd give him. Dice said he asked him how he feels knowing that the other comics think he's a zero. He said that he started talking to him about the pacing and how he should look special and perform special in that special. He said they give you a special because they think you're special. He said every comic wants him to fail and he has to think about that. Dice said that he has to think about his family that has been backing him all these years and go out there and kill.

Howard said that was a good talk. Dice said it was a friend telling him this. Howard said he went to another level after that special. Howard asked if he watched that special and saw how great it was. Dice said he knew it would be great. He said that he sat there watching it like a manager in a boxing ring. He said it was an instant effect. Dice said that he told Chris he had to keep people awake so he had to keep moving. He said that worked.

Dice said he's doing some shows around the area and he's been asked to do the Garden again. He said he could do that but he's not quite ready to do it. He said he's going to be at the Stress Factory and Governors in September. He said he won't be touring that much now that he's got all of this other stuff going on.

Howard asked if he would ever hire a writer for his stuff. Dice said he did that years ago for a special he was doing but only because he only had 7 weeks to get it ready. Howard asked what he thinks about Seinfeld. Dice said he's one of the greatest. He said that he picks every little thing apart. dice said that Jerry works clean though.

Dice said he was on stage and talking to someone in the crowd about what he's saying about himself when he marries someone. He said that he's saying that he hates himself when he gets married. He said that he needs someone else to hate him. He said that he was going off on this guy and kept going and going. He said that when the marriage ends the woman will go off on you and tell you what a loser you are. Howard said he must have been on a tear that night. dice said that he just went up there and ranted. He said he didn't write that stuff ahead of time.

Dice said that everyone at a wedding is happy because misery loves company. He said that 3 months later your wife is telling you to take out the garbage.

Howard gave Dice some plugs for his podcast and things like that. Dice told Howard to play a track off his son's CD. Howard said he'd play a little bit of one of the songs. Howard gave him some plugs for his web sites like and He played some of the song that Dice asked him to play too.

Howard took a call from Woody Allen. It was actually clips of Wood Yi that Sal and Richard were playing. They had Woody cursing and talking about sucking a black cock. Dice said the impression isn't even good. Howard asked Dice what other track he wanted him to play. Dice told him to play Blitz. He said you can go to iTunes and look for L.A. Rocks and download the songs. Howard played that song. dice said his kid did this when he was only 14 years old. Howard kept interrupting the song so Dice asked why they can't just listen to something. Howard let he song play a little more and Howard asked if he plays golf. Dice said he hates golf. Howard said he does too. Howard said he likes this song. Howard said the kid are into the right thing. dice said they're looking for the right manager and the right record company. He said they play everywhere. Howard said in the day of the reality shows they have to go out and play everywhere. He said that Dice knows that from playing the clubs for a decade before he hit big.

Howard asked what the name of this movie is he's in. Dice said it's Blue Jasmine. Howard did his Dice impression and did a ''blew Jasmine'' joke. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.

Then scroll down more till you see:

Wrap Up Show - Roller Coasters And Andrew Dice Clay. 07/22/13. 10:40am
After the break Jon moved on to talk about Andrew Dice Clay. Gary said that sometimes Howard says something that he doesn't agree with. He said that he doesn't think that everyone who rides a roller coaster should be alive. Jon said he couldn't disagree more. Gary said that is so much his mom and dad talking. He said of course there's danger there. He said you could get hit by lightning too. Gary said that this is the second death at the park in the past 50 years. Gary said that Howard saying that anyone who rides one of those thing is a moron. Gary said he's been on the ride Kingda Ka and he just closes his eyes and waits for it to be over. Jon said it's such a small chance to die doing something like that. He said it's fine if you don't want to do it and you don't want to experience anything. Gary said he finds it fun and many do or there wouldn't be parks all over the country. Jon said that you have to live a little bit.
Jon said that Dice wasn't really dice today. He said that he's in a woody Allen film now and they'll get to see him turn it around with this movie. Gary said he likes to hear Andrew talking because they get a lot of great stories.

Jon said that some of the interns there don't even know who Dice is. Jon said back in the day he was a rock star though. He was huge. Gary said he reminds him of the most fun parts of the 1980s.

Jon took a call from a guy who said that the interview sounded real bitter to him. He said he doesn't believe the story about Chris Rock either. He said he thinks that he was deflecting on Chris. Gary said after years of working with comedians he thinks that story was absolutely true. He said that they all hate each other if they get any fame. He said they don't wish anyone well if they start to do well.

Gary said before Chris had that special even Chris was saying he wasn't playing his A-game. He said that special really showed how funny he was. He said he thinks that's what Dice was saying.

Another caller said that he thought the interview was really good. He said he thinks this might be the first time he was Andrew instead of Dice. Gary said he doesn't think it's the first time but it was probably the best. They went to another break after that.

Re: Andrew "Dice" Clay Huffington Post article

Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:26 am