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NFL's Kelly Holcomb on Hillbilly Jim's "Moonshine Matinee"

Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:38 am

I was listening to Hillbilly Jim's "Moonshine Matinee" that's on Sirius XM's "Outlaw Country": & this week, he had former NFL's Kelly Holcomb on the show. So as best as I could & for those interested, here's what I wrote down from that interview:

Hillbilly tells the brothers, sisters, hillbillies, misfits & rebels out there that he usually gets busy there & says hi to fans in Deer Born, Michigan & Burlington, Vermont & Wink, Texas & Collage, Georgia. He says at this time he usually has Uncle Percy Mandoberg on the show but can't find him, so he's got an ex-NFL quarterback who's someone that played for the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, The Colts & Vikings. He asks on how you'll beat that, then says hi to "Kelly Halcum" & asks Kelly on how he's doing. Kelly says he's doing good, then asks Hillbilly on how he's doing & Hillbilly says everything's fine to where he's glad he can come on the show & hang while checking out the show.

Hillbilly asks Kelly on what in the world's going on in his world, asks him if he's having a good winter & Kelly says yes to where it hasn't been much of a winter. He tells Hillbilly to pronounce his name correctly because he calls him "Halcum", says it's Kelly Holcomb: & tells Hillbilly that he's killing him with that. Hillbilly says "c'mon man", Kelly says he's not in the field of "Halcum" but in the field of Holcomb & Hillbilly says he's a hillbilly there. He says he's sure with all the teams that Kelly has played in, someone had to have misspelled Kelly's name wrong on the back of 1 of his uniforms.

Kelly says he don't think that ever happened because he makes sure of that before he goes out there, Hillbilly asks if it's "Halcum" & Kelly again corrects him by saying it's Holcomb to where he again tells
him that it's killing him. Hillbilly tells Kelly he'll do it right now because Kelly's the man, says that both have spoken a few times to where his producer, Steve Popovich Jr. is a friend of theirs & says Steve knows all about Kelly to where they're good buds. He asks Kelly if he lives in Tennessee, Kelly says yes to where he's in Murfreesboro that's outside of Nashvegas & says he enjoys it to where he loves it. He says it's a great place to where it's getting a bit big for him.

Kelly says something about the road to where he can't get handle all the traffic because it takes about 40 minutes to be in rush hour, says that everything's good & Hillbilly calls it a good situation. He asks Kelly if he's working at College Sports, Kelly says yes to where he does radio stuff for alma mater which's Middle Tennessee State University & says he enjoys doing that. He says he does the games on Saturdays, says he likes it when they win but not when they lose & Hillbilly says the Blue Raiders made a step in the football world since winning in Division 1. He calls them a great team to where they've knocked of some impressive teams over the years.

Hillbilly says he knows Kelly's still keeping it together because it's in his soul, says he knows that Kelly loves old school wrestling like it's nobodys business & Kelly says he remembers watching Hillbilly in the arena to where it was awesome. He says he remembers seeing Hillbilly, Hulk Hogan & "Macho Man" Randy Savage, again says it was awesome & says it was the good ol' days. Hillbilly says he's glad Kelly didn't say "too old" because if he did, he was gonna call him "Halcum" again if he did & says when Kelly was growing up, he asks if there was a wrestler that really did it for him.

Hillbilly says most young guys have 1 wrestler or 2 that they really like to where they follow, says when he was a boy growing up in Kentucky there was Jackie Fargo & Len Rossi that he used to watch & says it's due to them being local wrestlers. He asks Kelly if there was anyone he liked that wasn't an international star that he remembers as a young kid, Kelly says since he grew up in Fayetteville, Tennessee which's 30 miles north of Huntsville, Alabama & says he remembers going to an arena there to where wrestling then was big. He says the roof & ceiling was so low that wrestlers scraped their boots on the ceiling.

Kelly says he remembers Juicy Johnny that was a big headliner coming down 1 night, says he's not sure if Junkyard Dog was ever there & says you always remember some of them to where it was fun. He says it's where you'd yell at them while they yell at you right back, says it was great to where he enjoyed it & Hillbilly says sportsguys in either football, basketball or baseball always have certain locker room talk. He says it's said in the wrestling business is where "the roar of the popcorn & the smell of the crowd", says he'd wrestle when he 1st began in some wacky & crazy places & says it had wonderful people in places like that.

Hillbilly says it's the same match you'd do if you're in MSG or Wrestlemania, says it's the same if you're in Lafayette, Tennessee or in Los Angeles & Kelly says it was always fun. He says it was fun watching it with all the showmanship, says he can't get into the "new age" & says he remembers those like King Kong Bundy & George "The Animal" Steele to where George was hairy. Hillbilly says he wants Kelly to return to the show in the future because he can see it's a good thing, says they're rolling with this & says he wants to talk about football.

Hillbilly says before that he tells Kelly that George Steele who's real name's Jim Myers that lives in Coco Beach, Florida with his wife named Pat, says that 1 time George played football at the University Of Michigan & says he coached there with a state high school football team that won the state championship. Kelly says he didn't know that to where it's awesome, Hillbilly says he & George went to different [wrestling] shows to where some of his boys made it to the big show in the NFL & says as they went to the shows, some of George's boys would come to visit them. He says it's when those boys wanted to be in the wrestling business & leave the NFL.

Hillbilly says he'd tell those boys not to do that because wrestling don't have any retirement or special benefits, says he told those boys to stay where they are & Kelly says when wrestling would come to towns, he remembers when WWF 1 time came to Indianapolis. He says lots of guys on his team went to the show except himself because he couldn't go, says his team had front row seats & says wrestling always had an NFL connection to where they always enjoyed talking about it. He says his teammates are like him which's that they grew up with wrestling, says it's the same kind of deal & says it has showmanship & entertainment.

Kelly feels that NFL guys like it now, says that even when he was in Cleveland guys would get tickets so they can go to some wrestling events & feels that was neat. Hillbilly says he has been talking to Kelly who was a great NFL quarterback to where he again says has played with the Browns, Bills & Colts, asks Kelly if he wound up with the Vikings or did he finish up coaching & Kelly says he wound up with the Vikings. He says he was there to see [Adrian] Peterson in his rookie year, calls Peterson an unbelievable running back ever & says if Peterson can stay healthy, he'll make it to the Hall Of Fame to where Hillbilly calls Peterson a 1 of a kind.

Hillbilly tells Kelly he can talk to him all day about this, hopes to get more info from Kelly if possible & asks him if he wants to return to the show in the future. Kelly says yes to where he appreciates it, calls it unbelievable to where in America you can get a radio show like Hillbilly has & Hillbilly says when calling a quarterback like Kelly, you've done good. Kelly says he don't anything about that but appreciates it to where he thanks him, Hillbilly says he knows that Kelly likes southern rock to where he loves this band [The Allman Brothers Band] & says he'll play 1 of the greatest southern rock bands of all time to where they're probably the best.

Hillbilly says this if for Kelly to where he thanks him for being on, asks to get together to do this again & then plays "Whipping Post" which ends the segment right here.