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review on new "Little Elvises" book

Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:12 am

Here's the Amazon link for it: ... le+elvises

Then after clicking this link: ... J1bfQ6h4DO

Scroll down to read this review:

"Little Elvises

A Junior Bender Mystery

by Timothy Hallinan (Soho Press)

In Hallinan’s second Junior Bender book, the line dividing good and bad, lawful and unlawful, is a crooked one — and Bender falls on both sides. He’s an LA burglar whose called upon by certain elements to clear up mysteries. In this case, Bender’s blackmailed into helping retired Philly music promoter Vinnie DiGaudio, who promoted Elvis wannabes back in the day. He stands accused of murdering a Brit tabloid reporter (we hate when that happens). Meanwhile the late reporter’s pretty widow has an eye on Bender, and so does his drunkard landlady — though she only wants him to search for her missing daughter."