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The AMAs

Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:19 pm

I only saw what is being referred to as 'highlights' of the show, and trashing this program is even for me an old, tired activity. BUT, I have to say that just from what I saw, including the award for 'Artist of the Year', it's proof that pop music has become so unimportant and so ridiculously irrelevant it's really at the point of no return. I know that some would like to see someone as larger than life as an Elvis, The Beatles, or even an Elton John come across the musical landscape at some point in the future, but the truth is that will NEVER happen again. When someone who is so dispensable and so untalented is recognized by their industry as the 'best' artist of the year it's not only a sad comment on the business, but on popular culture in general. We've been going down for a long time and I think at this point we're pretty much at the bottom. From where we are now all of those teen-heart throbs from the early and mid-70s look like serious musicians.

Re: The AMAs

Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:25 pm

I saw the first 5 minutes of it while flipping channels.

If you are referring to Justin Beiber he thanked the ''haters'' in his speech.

These award shows were never important they are just about who is popular at the moment.

There is still some good music being made by alternative rock and alternative country artists.

I would love some of them to become more mainstream so they can get more recognition for their work.