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Re: Actors whose careers were ruined by stardom

Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:18 pm

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poormadpeter wrote:is possibly the most interesting and talented scren actor of his generation

When people say things like this, it almost makes me laugh. For some reason it is considered that all the best actors must speak english and/or have a part in an english spoken movie.

There are many actors just as good, or better, as Gosling. In many countries. The only difference is that they don´t pursue/want a "Hollywood" career, haven´t had the chance to try to get a "Hollywood" career or they simply do not look good enough...
But still great actors.

There is no point in being an interesting or talented actor if no-one knows who you are. There might have been greater rock n roll singers than Elvis, but if the only singing they do is in living room, then there is not much we can do about that. The key point about Gosling, and what makes him interesting, is that he chooses his vehicles extremely wisely and adds an emotional and intellectual depth them in a way that most other actors would envy. What's more, he has managed to do that despite being in Hollywood and remaining in Hollywood film. The German actor Daniel Bruhl made some wonderful films and gave wonderful performances in the first years of his career, but in recent years has almost thrown that away in films that really are not worthy of his talent. Gaspard Ulliel is another great actor who has almost thrown it all away in recent years despite wonderful performances in films such as "Strayed," The Last Day" and A Very Long Engagement" at the start of his career.

In many respects it is easier for non-English speaking actors to have a more interesting career and have their acting muscles flexed. This is why Gosling stands out - he has managed to partake in mainstream Hollywood films such as "Fracture" and yet use those as a vehicle with which to make more interesting, independent movies. It's almost the "one movie for Hollywood, one movie for me" mentality that Johnny Depp used to have.

I'm not sure, LTB about Sweeney Todd or its individuality. To me it simply came of the Tim Burton production line. Good though it is, it sees Depp staying with a tried and tested formula, albeit in the musical genre.

Sadly, the majority of those with wasted careers are young and those no longer with us. River Phoenix is a good example, and Brad Renfro (the boy in The Client) is an even better one. After a couple of fine starring roles, including the under-rated Apt Pupil, Renfro had it all laid out in front of him and literally threw his career and life away.

I´m not sure you understand my point. You don´t have to be world famous. If you do it as to make a living and do it good, that´s all it takes. They don´t have to be world famous. And they are satisfied with that. People who watch non english movies knows what I´m talking about. Great actors who are just as good as "Hollywood" actors. A good example was Stellan Skarsgård. He was a famous actor long before he started making Hollywood movies. Another one was Noomi Rapace. They chose to pursue a career "over there" but many do not. Those are the ones I´m talking about. Actors that you never even heard of. Be honest, had you heard about NR, say back in 2007? No? She was no less of an actor then...

Considering by 2007 she had made just 4 feature length films for cinema (and only two of which saw her in a sizeable role), I really don't think her work could be judged alongside people who have had a career for over a decade and been starring in films for all of that time. Skarsgard, meanwhile, had been an actor for decades before he started doing Hollywood films, but he still partakes in Danish productions anyway. My point regarding Gosling still stands. Before he was snapped up for his first big Hollywood role, he too was making films that nobody saw - one of which, The Slaughter Rule, was only released in the UK last year. That there are other actors elsewhere who are probably just is good is neither he or nor there. I simply said that he was one of the best actors of his generation, and other names being thrown into the mix from other countries don't change that. But this thread is about actors whose career were ruined by the big roles they were in - if you are not in big films, you can hardly be classed as having reached "stardom" (at least in the context of this thread).

You are correct in that I went a bit off topic, but I just wanted to make a point about great actors. What do you mean with the text that I have highlighted? (it is a serious question).

That should have been "here or there" - a typo, sorry. My point was simply that I said that Gosling was one of the finest actors of his generation, not that he was THE finest actor, so throwing other actors into that mix doesn't really change what I'm saying.

Thank you.