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Nick Griffin and the Gay B&B case

Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:49 pm

While the US is pre-occupied with Obama and Romney, the UK has...Nick Griffin.

Anyone in the UK who uses facebook or twitter may well have realised that the popularity of comments or pictures by the British National Party is slowly but obviously rising - or, at least, that the people siding with them now feel that they can declare it in public. It's little surprise then that the head of the party (an MEP) has had the confidence to be outspoken about the court case yesterday that saw a gay couple win their case against a Christian B&B owner who turned them away because she didn't accept same sex couples sharing a bed. While the B&B owners have a right to their beliefs, once they open their house as a B&B their views are then seen as discriminatory.

I, for one, am happy the gay couple decided to take the case to court - it now sets a precedent and a warning to others. After all, where would it end? Would we be going back to fifty years ago where hotels, bars etc could say no to black and jewish patrons?

Griffin says that the Christian B&B owners were the ones who were discriminated against because they were told who they should and shouldn't have under their roof. He also has said that people should have the right to discriminate against who they want. Yesterday Griffin tweeted ""So Messrs Black & Morgan, at [their address]. A British Justice team will come up to Huntington & give you a bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple's home is their castle", therefore encouraging a protest outside the gay couple's home.

The full story is here - including a radio interview with Griffith this morning, which is well worth a listen.

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Re: Nick Griffin and the Gay B&B case

Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:58 pm

They shouldn't have that kind of business if they have those strong Christian beliefs.

Re: Nick Griffin and the Gay B&B case

Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:03 am

Griffin is of course an odious creep. Thankfully, only a small minority think otherwise.