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Re: Which presidential candidate gave more to charities in 2

Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:20 am

iplayastrat wrote:
likethebike wrote:
iplayastrat wrote:
Isn't it funny that the Democrats want more of your money
but they're stingy with their own?

Stingy??? You're joking right. Romney who made almost 20 times what Obama made gave 73.5 percentage points more and that makes Obama stingy.

What type of math are you using? Are you saying that President Obama gave
30% (or more) of his income to charity like Romney did? And are you saying if
a person makes less they should pay less in percentage to charity? Remember
you are comparing two men that are both wealthy.

I wish I were rich. I don't think I understand hating someone for being successful.
It might even be a good idea for a successful businessman to run the country.

My math was flawed because I was using Governor Romney's 2010 numbers where he made more than $20 million.

But overall, heck yeah if you make more you probably should give more to charity. Compared to average Joe, they are both wealthy. But for President Obama to give 22 percent at $790,000 it hurts him personally more to contribute that lesser amount than it does Romney to contribute 30. They're in the same ballpark and they probably shouldn't be, or maybe Obama's a little more selfless for giving nearly as much with an initial pot of much less. If Romney gives 60 percent of his gross, he still has almost ten times the President's gross. At the end of the day, he can contribute much, much more and still have a lot more money left. To put real bones on this, if someone were making $16,000 a year we would never expect them to give 22 percent, or even 10 percent because at that level of pay giving that much charity would seriously damage your ability to live your own life. It's why we have a progressive tax system as well. As the percentages go up, the impact on a person to live their life is less effected because at the end of the day there's so much more money left. If Governor Romney had given 90 percent of income in taxes, he still would have an income roughly 20 plus times what the average family makes. It's unreasonable to expect people who are not fabulously wealthy to contribute the same amount as those who are.

And despite Fox News' meme no one resents Governor Romney's success (some might resent how he did it, not the help from his dad but Bain shenanigans, leaving that aside) they are just upset that he's not paying his fair share to maintain the system that allowed him to acquire such fabulous wealth.

And being that this is Mitt "Tax Dodge" Romney it is worth noting that charitable contributions do not have to be represented on your tax form. The main reason you put them on is to maximize the tax benefits from giving them.