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Kathy Mattea interview on Hillbilly Jim's Moonshine Matinee

Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:14 am

I was listening to Hillbilly Jim's "Moonshine Matinee" that's on Sirius XM's Outlaw Country: & this past weekend on 10/20, he had country singer Kathy Mattea as a guest. Below is my transcript of what occured in the interview:

Hillbilly welcomes the "hill-billions" in the 4th hour of the show with him & cousin Spike in Mudlick & asks if you're listening in Winnipeg, Canada or Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada or Montreal, Quebec, Canada or Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He says he appreciates them for having him a part of their weekend, says he'll do his dead level best on Outlaw Country to bring you nothing but the best & says he's so excited that he's running around like a weasel in soft dirt. He says a while ago he had Spike to where he brought a pretty & special guest, says he's done the best he could to clean up the barn to where it's looking right & says it's Kathy Mattea to where he welcomes her.

Kathy says thanks, says she fits into the hillbilly catagory & Hillbilly says he's honored that she had a chance to come to Mudlick, Kentucky while stopping her wonderful bus, had her boys get something from the diner, then diesel up & come to see him to where he can't believe it. Kathy says she's glad to be there, says you have to get a hamburger somewhere & Hillbilly says they've got lots of things to talk about. He says she's got a new project that they'll talk about that he's fired up about, says he has to go back a bit by saying he remembers during his WWF days traveling up & down a lot on the road & says it's when her career got started in the 80s.

Hillbilly says she was as hot as ever to where he saw her on all the videos that was on there, says he & 2 other crazy, misfit wrestlers would drive up & down the road to where they'd hear "18 Wheels & A Dozen Roses" on the radio & says they would get to going. He says she was in a magical time with Dwight Yoakam & Randy Travis, Kathy then mentions Nancy Griffith, Lyle Lovett, Mary Chapin Carpenter & Steve Earle were all on the radio & says it was a great time for great songs & artists. Hillbilly says she was at the forefront for that to where he'd always watch her, says lots of his friends had a crush on her & Kathy says it was the perm that did it.

Hillbilly says the whole combo was wonderful to where she's also wonderful to where time's been kind to her, Kathy again says thanks & says enough makeup can fool
anyone. Hillbilly says she's as lean as a whip, says that Cosmopolitan will be running her down in Mudlick & says as he was seeing her discography: to where there's 17 albums. He says there's more then 30 songs that's charted, asks her if she ever thought as a young lady
growing up in West Virginia & Kathy says it's Cross Lanes, WV which was named for the stoplight there. Hillbilly says it's like Mudlick was named for the mud.

Hillbilly asks Kathy if she dreamed that her life would've taken her in routes & places that she's been, Kathy says she has dreamed it but never knew it'd be real & says that was the best case scenario there to where you'd don't know if whether or not it'll ever happen. Hillbilly says he's sure she thought the same things when he was
young to where he asks her when she was a kid, did she thought that the world was big, Kathy says she used to cry while watching the award shows in the living room when people made speeches to where she'd impersonate herself as a kid by saying "that's the most great thing" & says all she wanted to know is what that felt like.

Kathy says when quitting college she thought "you know, if I can make this work, my life's gonna be a lot more interesting", Hillbilly asks her if everything seemed possible for her & Kathy says yes. She says lots of why she kinda made it was that she didn't know what the odds were against her, Hillbilly says that Kathy keeps something to where he calls it family & she keeps it real, says she keeps that thread that runs in her life that keeps her centered & says it's like what he himself has done too. He says he went away & did stuff but always remembered where he came from & who he is & says he wants to continue doing that.

Hillbilly says the same friends he had are the same ones he's got now, says he lost his producer's [Steve Popovich Jr.] dad that he loved very much & tells Kathy to talk about Steve Popovich Sr. Kathy says there're those in the music business that never get well known by those that hear music but have lots to do with the music that you hear, says they know good people who're champs that's passionate for music & says Steve was the head of her record label when she started having hits. She calls Steve a brilliant music guy who's like the person's office that you'd wanna walk into because he'd be like "oh, sit down, you gotta hear this".

Kathy says it'd either be a great song, great artist or great person to where Steve Sr. would play it for everyone that'd walk in, says that he had no financial stake in it &
says he'd love music. She says that's how she got out to people because someone like him thought she had something worth while to hear, Hillbilly says the excitement
was infectious & Kathy agrees. She says Steve was a music man that worked in the business but not a business man that worked in music, Hillbilly agrees & says it took him a year before he can talk about him. He says he would choke up then & now because he still misses him so much & knows Kathy does too.

Kathy says Steve can do a mean polka, Hillbilly agrees & says Steve knew all the great places to eat to where he says God bless & loves him so much. He says Steve was instrumental early in Kathy's career by helping her, says it's good by having a common thread between him & her & says they're more like home folks that do their
own thing. He knows that Kathy & her label Sugar Hill Records are excited & plugs her CD "Calling Me Home": ... ng+me+home to where it's wonderful, says he'll play a song from it & asks her to talk about "A Far Cry". Kathy says it's a great song written by Mike & Jan Dowling & calls Mike a great writer & an
acoustic blues guitarist.

Kathy says Mike wrote the song about Virginia, says that she was sitting on a porch in Asheville, North Carolina 1 night when she taught a folk school called the
Swannanoa Gathering: & says it's all about folk & bluegrass. She says they were having late night jams with an amazing lineup of people, says that Mike played that song to where she was all over him like a cheap suit & says he told him to tell her about the song. She then accidently says the name Doyle, then corrects herself by saying Del McCoury recorded it years ago about 15 times faster then her version & says that's fun to go dig that up in the hillbilly world.

Hillbilly says he's got her version cued up now, tells fans to go out & get her CD & tells fans to hear version that he'll play now.

Plays Kathy Mattea's "A Far Cry".

Hillbilly tells fans that they're back in seenick, Mudlick USA on the show during the 4th hour, says he's blessed & honored to have a sweetheart who's a tremendous
singer, musician & wonderful human who's Kathy & tells her that it's great seeing her. He says it looks nicer while she's sitting & looking at Spike all the time, Kathy says she's got no comment or opinion on that & Hillbilly says to believe him because he gives enough opinions to where sometimes they go wrong. He says he's excited about
her CD but wants to talk about her previous CD that was Grammy nominated called "Coal" & asks her to talk about that
before talking more about "Calling Me Home".

Hillbilly asks her to talk about "Coal": ... words=coal because being from Kentucky & West Virginia, both he & Kathy know about coal mining & Kathy says there was a big [1/2]2006 mine disaster in WV [Sago Mine]: . She says that's when 13 miners were trapped for 4 days, says there's been a few after that & says this was the 1st in a long time. She says nobody knew if whether or not they were alive, says that everyone tried getting to them & says everyone worldwide watched this story. She says she was torn up even though she never knew them, says she's never been to that part of WV & says she was surprised on how much grief she felt.

Kathy says when they did the funeral after finding them to where all except 1 had died, the Larry King show covered the memorial service: & says she was asked to sing a song at the end of it so they can leave the satellite feed to end the show. She says she got herself & some musicians in a studio to where they beamed their performance, says that Byron House was there that said "you know Kathy, this is what music's great for these kinds of moments for helping us process our grief & says she thought "maybe that's what I'll do, with all this grief I'll make a record about coal mining". She says she thought it'd be a side project & then go on with her life afterwords to where it changed everything.

Hillbilly says Byron's from Bowling Green, Kentucky, calls him 1 of the best studio musicians that's been around to where he plays on other peoples projects as well as
Kathy's too & says Bryon was with Robert Plant's The Band Of Joy. He says it's great because Bryon's a soulful guy, Kathy calls him a beautiful guy & says it was his comment that was the seed of the CD. She says she's heard lots of those songs growing up as well as hillbilly appalachian music, says there wasn't anyone to teach it to her & says it was like returning to where you'd find a piece that you didn't know was missing in your life. She says in many ways every song that she sung makes more sense to her now from doing that CD.

Hillbilly says Kathy's in the West Virginia Hall Of Fame, says that's tall cotton for a girl from WV & Kathy says her face hurt from smiling so much to where it was an
amazing night. She says everyone talks about to where she wanted to savior it because it's like everyone at home saying "hey, we're proud of you kid", says she wanted to make sure that she soaked it in & says it was a beautiful time. Hillbilly says he's told Spike that more people knew him in New York City then Mudlick, says where you're from folks are like "hey, how you doing Jim" & says when you're away from your city people & when coming home for people to appreciate you, that's tall cotton & special.

Kathy says it was very sweet, Hillbilly again plugs "Calling Me Home" to where he'll talk more about & says he'll play something from it. He says he knows Kathy's proud of it because it's running good, says it's working good to where Sugar Hill may have a hit with it & Kathy says they're a label that's known for acoustic, roots, bluegrass, folk & high standard music. She says she was thrilled when they asked her to do this CD, Hillbilly tells her to talk about "Gone, Gonna Rise Again" song & Kathy says it was
written by Si Kahn. She says they talked about those in Appalachia having a sense of land attachment to where she wanted to try & bring that on the CD.

Kathy says that Si said "well you know I've got this old song", then accidentally says Byron & then corrects herself by saying Bryan Sutton plays an amazing banjo on it.
She says she's picked up banjo to where she plays it on her shows, says in order to do it she had to live thru lots of deliverance jokes in her living room & Hillbilly plugs . He says that's where the "Matteamaniacs" & other legions of followers are at, Kathy says there's a few "Mattea Heads" there & Hillbilly says he likes that. He says he'll play the song now because he can't wait to hear it.

Plays Kathy Mattea's "Gone, Gonna Rise Again".

Hillbilly says he's back in the lap of luxury in Mudlick in south central USA, asks Kathy if she'd ever thought that fans would call her a legend & Kathy says she don't know about that. She says you have to go thru some stuff to be that, Hillbilly calls her a living legend because she came thru some stuff during the 80s when it was an exciting
time in country & music in general & says it may be the last rise in their lifetime of music as it was. He says it's different now then it was then, says he appreciates it more because he was coming up during that time & says he likes the songs & artists better. He says people like her were special to him.

Hillbilly says Kathy came up in a special class to where she was in the forefront of it, says that she's immortalized in America's fabric & Kathy says she feels lucky to be at a time when the song was the thing which's what she was taught. She says if it was about the song to where it was a great 1 you'd live forever, says that she's getting to live with them for decades such as "18 Wheels & A Dozen Roses", "Where Have You Been", "Come From The Heart" & "Go & Gone" & says all of them are like her family. She says they live well to where she's a lucky woman, Hillbilly says for a young lady that came from WV with 17 albums & more & says it includes over 30 songs that's charted.

Hillbilly again says Kathy's in the WV Hall Of Fame & in other future ones, says that she's done well & good & says he's sure she makes her family proud. Kathy says it's good because they were bummed when she quit college but are now over it, Hillbilly says he sees that from visiting her because the passion's still in her eyes & says the fire's still burning in her for music. He says it's all about the songs because she's got that feeling, Kathy says yes & says she's pushing herself to where if you try singing a Hazel Dixon song & it'll challenge you. She says with picking up the banjo's where Bill Cooley who's played with her for 20 years & calls him a brilliant musician.

Kathy says that Bill told her "honey, you got to play banjo on this", says you can't get 1 of those with a guitarneck & banjobottom but have to do the real thing & says he pushed her to where it took 6 months of practicing before she can do it. She says when putting the pick in the banjo it was a commitment on a different level, Hillbilly asked her if she sounded like Buck Trent & Kathy says she wasn't as good as he was. Hillbilly asks her if she did the Earl Scruggs & the fingle roll, Kathy says she did the old Appalachian style & admits to doing Earl's style too. She says she does a slow version of "Froggy Mountain Breakdown" & Hillbilly says it don't matter because she gets it done.

Kathy says it's not pretty, Hillbilly says it's fantastic & again plugs her site & "Calling Me Home". He asks Kathy on how fans can get the CD, Kathy says either Amazon, iTunes & her site: & says the lyrics & liner notes are there too: . She calls the CD an album about a love letter to Appalachia, Hillbilly says it's wonderful & predicts that Sugar Hill's got a hit. He says he can't be more tickled then having her on the show, says he knows that Spike's gotta now take her to the diner because he's sure her sandwiches &
everything else's ready & says she & the boys can return to the bus.

Kathy says they have to be on the bus before the boys get drunk because that's the problem, Hillbilly says if she left them alone for 30 minutes in that part of the country she knows what they make in Kentucky & Kathy says she knows. She says it's also good for stripping paint, Hillbilly agrees & says he'll play 1 more song from the CD which's 1 that Kathy's particular about. He asks her to talk about "Hello, My Name Is Coal", Kathy says Larry Cordle wrote it to where he's a songwriting legend & calls him a great musician from east Kentucky. Hillbilly calls Larry a hillbilly boy, Kathy says he wrote it with Jenee Fleenor & says it's about all points of view about coal that's rolled into a 3 minute song.

Kathy says it's getting harder to have any kind of new conversations on controversial subjects in our culture, says the idea that he did it in a 3 minute song is a masterpiece & Hillbilly says that guy's written many great songs to where he's proud of him being a hillbilly Kentucky boy. Kathy says he's a good guy, Hillbilly calls him a great player & musician & says anytime he sees any of those PBS shows that he appears on stage, he's drawn to him like a fly on butter because he's gotta watch him. Kathy says he's written a song for her called "Lonesome Standard Time" & says that they did a duet on an album to where he's written for people like Alison Krauss & Ricky Skaggs.

Kathy says she's proud to be asked on the CD, Hillbilly says this has been wonderful to where he wishes he had her on the show for 4 hours & says they can talk lots of stuff in that time. Kathy says he has to give her some moonshine to make that happen, Hillbilly tells Spike to go under the table because it's in the barn & when Kathy asks if it's in a Mason jar, Hillbilly says it could be because as of now it ain't but it will eventually. Kathy says she only drinks moonshine from a Mason jar, Hillbilly asks if
it's just fresh to where Kathy says it's OK & Hillbilly thanks her for being on the show. He tells her she's welcomed anytime & says if she's got any future projects he guarantees he'll play it.

Hillbilly says "The Commander's" crazy about "Coal" to where he plays it in his truck, says that "The Commander" plays it all day long & talks about & says when he told
"The Commander" that Kathy will be on the show, he couldn't hardly hold him down. He says "The Commander" was beside himself because he thought it was Pam Anderson coming in, Kathy says it's a good thing Hillbilly's got a wrestling background to hold him down & Hillbilly again plugs "Calling Me Home". He wishes Kathy to take care of herself to where he'll see her down the road, Kathy says thanks for having her & Hillbilly then plays "Hello, My Name Is Coal" & this is where the segment ends.