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Sat May 03, 2003 10:04 pm

For the Lisa fans.

Just to let you know that if you purchase the E.U. version of the album it's enhanced with the LIGHTS OUT video and a making of the LIGHTS OUT video.

BUT that's not all, don't stop the CD from playing after the last song because it's not ! ! !

If you let it run after the end of TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (track 11)there's a pretty long gap and then another track called EXCUSE ME starts that is not mentioned on the track listing or inside the sleeve notes.

All part of track 11 running in at 8mins 14secs..... weird.

My thoughts on the album are this:

It's not exactly my cup of tea but within it's own genre it's a damn fine album.
Take out of the equation who she is (poor girl does have her own identity you know) and listen to the album for what it is, it's a good start.

My fav track is BETTER BEWARE and this would be the most commercial track for a single release in the UK in my opinion, it rings a little of the GIRLS ALOUD type of sound.

I hear that Lisa's album is to be released in the UK in July, only problem with that will be that most of us who want it will have already purchased it on import by then (like I have) so sales may well suffer.
Also have to add that I only paid £8.99 inc delivery from CD WOW and I bet it'll be a full price release around £15.00 when the UK get thier own version.

Nice to see she's doing a little PR work in the UK next week, should be interesting.

Let's see shall we?