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A Long and Winding Road?

Sat May 03, 2003 4:17 am

Can someone explain what this new beatles DVD Box-set (A Long and Winding Road) is all about??
Is this just another Beatles Anthology type of thing?

Sat May 03, 2003 11:48 pm

No one knows what is on this?

Sun May 04, 2003 1:48 am

It is unauthorised and has not been prepared, approved, licenced or endorsed by The Beatles.

Running Time: 5 hour

Episode 1, "There Are Places I Remember: 1940-1958". The program predominantly features interviews with original Quarrymen: Rod Davis, Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton, and Len Garry. The Woolton Fete is discussed along with many other Quarryman anecdotes. Also interviewed is Allan Williams and John's sister Julia Baird. Good use is made of early black & white photos. The Beatles birth places are shown.

Episode 2, "One and One And One Makes Three: 1958-1960". Interviews are with Allan Williams, Bill Harry (Mersey Beat publisher), Rod Murray (John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe's roommate at Art College), Beryl Adams (a.k.a. Wooler - Brian Epstein's secretary), Gibson Kemp (Rory Storm drummer), Tony Sheridan, Eric Griffiths, Len Garry. A good portion of the show features interviews with Allan Williams regarding the Beatles Hamburg excursions. Again in this episode, good use of old black & white photos.

Episode 3, "Hamburg and Herr Epstein: 1960-1962". Program covers Beatles performing in Hamburg and at Liverpool Cavern. Great use of b&w photos (including some I have not previously seen). Many are interviewed in this episode: Tony Sheridan, Horst Fascher (Star Club Manager & bouncer), Allan Williams, Bill Harry, Julia Baird, Rod Murray, Beryl Adams, Tony Calder (Beatles 1st Press Officer), Billy Preston, Gibson Kemp, Alistair Taylor (NEMS general manager and Brian Epstein assistant), Icke Braun, Frank Dostal (The Rattles), Doris Kaempfert (Bert Kaempfert's daughter), Mary Dostal (bass player Liverbirds), Kino Drysee (Hamburg DJ and Beatles friend), Horst Jankowiak (Beatles friend).

Episode 4, "Beatlemania: 1963-1966". This program deals with Beatles trip to America, HDN and Help movies, MBE, and world touring. Program contains really cool color home movie clips of Beatles performing outdoors at Crosley Field Cincinnati during the 1966 summer tour. As well, unseen b&w clips of 1966 Tokyo Japan press conference are shown (Paul comments). Sid Bemstein is interviewed about Beatles in U.S., and Shea Stadium concerts he promoted. Others interviewed include: Alistair Taylor, Tony Sheridan, Julia Baird, Albert Maysles (doc. film maker - Beatles first U.S. visit), Alf Bicknell, Roy Benson (film editor), Michael Ochs (photo journalist), Joe Espisito/ Sonny West/ Richard Davis (Memphis Mafia - on Elvis meeting with Beatles 1966), Allan Williams, Beryl Adams, Billy Preston, Rod Davis, Colin Hanton.

Episode 5, "Love, Litigation, and Let It Be: 1967-Presemt". Includes topics: Beatles on LSD, Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, Maharishi, Yellow Submarine, Yoko, White Album, Allen Klein, Apple, Let It Be, Amsterdam bed-in, Abbey Road, break-up, Lennon's death, Harrison's death. Interviews with Tony Sheridan, Alf Bicknell, Tony Calder, Rod Davis, Stanislaus Klaussowski (musician), Julia Baird, Bill Harry, Gibson Kemp, Roy Benson, Len Garry, Alistair Taylor, Richard Porter, Billy Preston, Allan Williams, Sid Bernstein, Mary Dostall, Beryl Adams, Colin Hanton.

Mon May 05, 2003 7:17 am

Thanks Swedish for the info..
Doesnt sound like something I'd want..
Man I wish they would release some of their concerts on DVD..

Mon May 05, 2003 6:44 pm

Yeah, one or two of the 1966 concerts would be great! Or the complete roof top footage...!

Sincerely MB280E