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Which member of KISS would Lisa kiss?

Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
No votes
one of the other guys
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The whole band!
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Lisa Marie and KISS on the same stage!

Tue Apr 29, 2003 12:27 pm

Lisa Marie and KISS on the same stage!

at different times...

but on the same day!

Let's go to L.A.!

Tue Apr 29, 2003 4:50 pm

Well she has said in recent interviews that she is friends with Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie, and in the Rolling Stone article she is showing the wirter a portrait of herself done of herself in blodd! Sooooo she would definatly go for Gene Simmons! You know many people have even told me that look a lot like Gene Simmions! :)

Tue Apr 29, 2003 6:57 pm

Hey there is only ONE Gene Simmons look alike here!!!

Wed Apr 30, 2003 12:59 pm

hey Gene, are you going to an Aerosmith-KISS concert?

Wed Apr 30, 2003 4:15 pm

I'm going to go see this double bill in Dallas! YEA!

Wed Apr 30, 2003 8:48 pm

Yes Scotch and Jeff, I plan on getting tickets to see them in St. Louis. They are playing out door though :cry:

Anyway, tickets go on sale Saturday morning. SO I figure on getting wasted Friday, then getting in line early morning after I get back from the bars!

Wed Apr 30, 2003 9:02 pm

DAMN I WANNA GO! This gonig to be one ROCKING summer! I got tickets to see Heart & Def Leppard already!

Wed Apr 30, 2003 9:07 pm

You know what JEFF D. I think I may pass. I really hate to, but the LAWN SEATS are 50 bucks!! This is to see Kiss OPEN for Aerosmith, in a OUTDOOR venue with NO ACE FREHLEY!! It just seems like they are gonna get smoked. I hate to go and see the band at half mast. I saw them in St. Louis at the Fox in Full gear with Ace and Peter. I hate to ruin that memory with this!!! Maybe I am wrong, what do you think...seriously. Maybe I should travel and find out when they are Headlining!!

Wed Apr 30, 2003 9:54 pm

Well is a CO-headlinig tour is the way I look at it! Remember about 10 years ago the BIG Metallica, Guns and Roses tour? Well from what I understand Metallica consistantly smoked Guns off the stage! But I love Aerosmith alot so I'm definatly there, more bang for my buck! $50 to see Aerosmith & Kiss at the same concert is a steal as far as I'm concerned!! Yes it is disappointing that Ace is not going to be there BUT Kiss will live with or without him so he needs to get with the program, or get the hell outta the way! Its your money of course and if you choose not to go that is your choice, I think this will be a really good tour though (IMO) This is my kind of music that is still out there touring, I'm not going to be paying money anytime soon to be going to see Limp Biskits or Mr. M&M! lol

Wed Apr 30, 2003 10:25 pm

Good points, I haven't decided yet. Except for the EMINEM comment. lol This tour is going to one in a million, and I will probably be kicking myself if I don't see the concert!!

Wed Apr 30, 2003 10:29 pm

Sorry I Can't See Lisa With Kiss.

Curtis simpkins

Wed Apr 30, 2003 10:57 pm

Hey curtis I got something she can "kiss" on! lol
ps I think I am Lisas first internet stalker! I'm so proud :oops:

Thu May 01, 2003 12:44 am

You Are A Bad boy Jeff d
A Very Bad Boy.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Curtis Simpkins