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Warner Triple Feature DVD's

Wed Aug 16, 2006 5:58 am

Warner Home Video has annouced a bunch of triple feature sets which will street on November 7th. Retail price is only $14.98, so some of these will be a pretty good deal. The extras and technical specs for each film will be exactly the same as current releases. **The sets come in a mixed variety of disc configurations. Most are two-disc sets with a mixture of a DVD-10, DVD-14, or DVD-18 disc and a DVD-9 or DVD-5 disc, while a couple of the titles are a single disc DVD-9 or DVD-18.**

Here's the complete list:

John Wayne - The Telegraph Trail/Somewhere in Sonora/The Man from Monterey
John Wayne - The Big Stampede/Ride Him, Cowboy/Haunted Gold
Randolph Scott - Colt 45/Tall Man Riding/Forth Worth
Randolph Scott - A Man Behind The Gun/Thunder Over The Plains/Riding Shotgun
15 Minutes/Frequency/Thirteen Days
Born To Be Wild/Alaska/The Amazing Panda Adventure
Fire Down Below/Out For Justice/On Deadly Ground
Forget Paris/Father's Day/My Giant
Free Willy/Free Willy 2/Free Willy 3

Harum Scarum/Speedway/Trouble with Girls

Hellbound/Hitman/Forced Vengeance
Honkytonk Man/Pink Cadillac/City Heat
The Island of Dr. Moreau/Dark City/The Hidden
It's Alive 1/It's Alive 2/It's Alive 3
Lassie Come Home/Son of Lassie/Courage of Lassie
Lethal Weapon/Lethal Weapon 2/Lethal Weapon 3 (Director's Cut Editions)
A Man Apart/Boiler Room/Knockaround Guys
National Velvet/The Story of Seabiscuit/Black Beauty
Objective, Burma!/Never So Few/Go for Broke
A Perfect Murder/Murder by Numbers/Murder in the First
Poison Ivy/Poison Ivy 2/Poison Ivy 3: The New Seduction
Stroker Ace/Hooper/Sharky's Machine
Singles/HomeFries/Mickey Blue Eyes